Bardo Tanka

Drawing by DZO Olivier

Sin like microwaves
Skin melted off ceded bones
To end of the world.

It was a death into Breath Read More


Walk On Water

Painting by KJ Burk

Swept dust and powder
Crumbling asbestos ceiling tiles
Itchy eyes and dried-up skin
Radon and foundation sealant in the crawl space
Paint to cover the mold
Paint to cover what little I have
Head games by reproaching blood(y)
Relations (or my head?) Read More

Lyrical Love Final List and Honorable Mentions

Painting by Annette Schmucker

Here is a recap of the songs I featured throughout the year that, 1) have English lyrics and, 2) the lyrics perfectly match the music to make for exceptionally moving listening experiences. (By clicking on the title, you will be redirected to the post with my commentary, the full lyrics, and a YouTube link to listen.) I hope you enjoyed the series and, as always, I’m open to more listening recommendations.

Final List: Read More


Painting by Julie Robertson

Your tangled blond curls and indigo snow boots as you sit, legs outstretched on the library floor

Maypole ribbons of language flaring from the page to touch your vast eyes and lioness laugh at all the good parts

The other kids lean on you — their protector — sensing you see what they cannot yet

Qohelet wisdom, and fear– a Serengeti carcass  Read More

‘Tis the Season to be Reading

(Photo via Pinterest but I believe photographer is Lee Jeffries.)

Attention Writer/Artist friends: If you are a regular reader of this blog or if I have read your poetry on your site, and if you have books available in print, please leave brief summaries of your work in the comments and links to your preferred purchase method. Oh, and children’s books are more than welcome too. Thank you!
(Please do not promote your book here if we have had no interaction yet. Thanks for your understanding.)