Sculpture by Jerzy Kędziora

“Man, it’s never been as easy as 21st century America.” – Satan

To look on the bright side, Read More




Photography by Melissa Landres

Baneful acts to free will bullet-hole the planet like an inanimate target; yet I still believe in the miracle of birth, how a newborn baby can bring joy like little else we humans can experience in this existence. How when one looks into a pair of eyes still swirling with creation, Read More



‘The Bath’ by Steven Restagno

When we die by random gun violence
Honor my babies by taking a 98.6 degree bath
Remembering that this warmth is what they last felt
As their blood spilled and bathed their skin
Remembering that they loved bath time
Honor each victim by scrubbing the filthy belief Read More

My Life

Photography by Amaya Engleking

In 1984 I had colic but through 1993 the years were idyllic, running with wolves and kissing Jesus on the cheek. Watching the stars dance for me outside my bedroom window. When we moved from the sunshine when I was ten my hair slowly turned dark, and soon did everything else. Read More

Lyrical Love: Brothers in Arms

Painting by Stuart Brown


I wish I could remember the first time hearing this month’s pick, ‘Brothers in Arms’ written by Mark Knopfler and released by his band Dire Straits in 1985. Every time I listen to the song (certainly among my top ten all-time favorites) which is essentially a timeless plea to end all war, I get the chills and most of the time I cry too. I long to hold that faded memory for what that moment has done in my life, helping me along to seek and recognize truth in a world that increasingly decries the necessity of “just war.” Read More