Painting by Julie Robertson

Your tangled blond curls and indigo snow boots as you sit, legs outstretched on the library floor

Maypole ribbons of language flaring from the page to touch your vast eyes and lioness laugh at all the good parts

The other kids lean on you — their protector — sensing you see what they cannot yet

Qohelet wisdom, and fear– a Serengeti carcass  Read More


‘Tis the Season to be Reading

(Photo via Pinterest but I believe photographer is Lee Jeffries.)

Attention Writer/Artist friends: If you are a regular reader of this blog or if I have read your poetry on your site, and if you have books available in print, please leave brief summaries of your work in the comments and links to your preferred purchase method. Oh, and children’s books are more than welcome too. Thank you!
(Please do not promote your book here if we have had no interaction yet. Thanks for your understanding.)


My youngest on the November hike. Photography by Amaya Engleking

As I sat on the holiday parade float with the choral group and sang “Angels From the Realms of Glory” my own little three year old curly blonde angel, who had been tossing out candy, decided she couldn’t hold in her pee a moment longer. So there we were: me holding her off the side of the moving vehicle as she relieved herself onto the street. Nothing like a good mooning from a lit-up, garlanded caroling parade float that says, “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” Read More

Calling All Poets: Hosting Tonight’s Poetry Prompt at dVerse

Painting by Debra Hurd

Hey friends. What do you say we forgo the madness of shopping deals and instead head on over to dVerse Poet’s Pub for jazz night? Cos tonight at the best online venue the “tempo goes up, lights go down” as we channel our inner Harlem cool cat, beatnik, or sultry sax soloist playing the subway stations of an anonymous city. Existential Baker, Olde Punk, and Carlos, I’m looking especially at you, but I’d like to see all my blogging friends’ takes on jazz/beat poetry. Hit the below link to see the prompt and ideas on how to get started if tryptophan got the better of you. Then share your work and read others’! Gobble gobble and much love, 


Ping! K-ching!

When you, twenty year old, sat in the passenger seat of my car with your fellow superhero backseat drivers as we drove down the icy mountain “in fellowship” wanting to save my soul for God (for you) before we made it down to town and jumped from bible verse to verse like a manic (depressive) pinball Read More