A Conversion


Dark day in Hengyang, small city in the middle of China. Five million small. Mao Zedong from a nearby city. The dishwater sky blending right into the slate-gray outline of the industrial city. Dismal to view from the little metal balcony, and even more disgusting to go forth into the leaden din. Last time I was in the country I swore I’d never teach English and least of all to middle-schoolers. But that’s what I was doing in this city where I saw a homeless man masturbate in front of an elementary school. Right outside the gate through which passed hundreds of pigtails and oversized backpacks on tiny bodies. Read More

Compensating For Salvation Work

tower of bodies

Some raving liberals and conservatives want to make it a law that it is mandatory to birth in hospitals.  The older I get (I don’t know how I’ve missed it before) I see the near-desperation to which people get to exert control over other people.  What in our nature makes us corrode to such a crazed spiritual state?  I’m reminded of the paintings depicting hell, the ones where there were all of these naked bodies stepping on and smashing each other to get to the top; but the scope of the paintings never showed ‘a top.’  Sure on the outside we’re composed and accomplished, and whatever ‘work’ we’re up to is for the benefit of humanity and/or the economy.  But our dirty naked and neglected souls!  We’ve long given up on what actually matters and go bustling about in the affairs of others’ and a myriad of vanities in hopes of, what?  Compensating for salvation work?

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Raising Spiritual Children

Our children’s memories of heaven are still so acute and so much part of who they are, we need to remember that they are already so close—much closer than we are—to God.  It is natural for them to be kind to other beings. When we look into their eyes, we should see this kingdom come and nurture it, so they don’t lose it like so many on this earthly journey do, letting a competitive spirit take over. When our daughter was in the womb, before we even knew she was a she, we asked her about her life being cradled by angels and saints, getting kissed by Mary and Jesus. And our awe with her perspective hasn’t ceased. Read More

Let Me Live

Mind going mile-a-minute these days which has been a welcome adrenaline-rush to the sluggish past few months of daily headaches and nausea.  What I’ve been thinking about?

Euthanasia/so-called ‘Death with Dignity’/physician-assisted suicide issue

Catching up on old New Yorkers and, as usual, am inspired by Rachel Aviv’s reporting.  This article comes to me at an apt time, as Colorado legislature is once again going to vote on a proposed bill that would allow patients of either physical or mental illness to decide to end their lives under the care of a doctor, provided two physicians approve.  Read More

Nailing Jesus to the Cross


Immersing ourselves in Maria Valtorta’s account of the crucifixion of Christ, I think of the time I nailed Jesus to the cross.  Years ago my aunt and uncle were driving me to their place in Milwaukee for their daughter’s wedding.  At one point they asked me what I thought of Jesus.  I hesitated for only a brief moment and answered, “He’s just not that inspiring.”

He’s just not that inspiring. Read More