Photography by Stacey Raven

See the sun setting
And poets aren’t lamenting
It was a perfect palette, the day
What to dismiss as a petty kiss
Upon the cheek of Read More



People waiting.
A child’s balloon deflated, swept into corner of train station

Wrinkles work their way Read More


Art by Paolo Ceric

All were in their proper place–
The hedonists on the slippery slope
The proud upon hearths of their own function
The saints in the silent center of the sequence–
When the world ended, its perfect pied way Read More


Drawing by Guy Denning

Beyond tired of getting strung along by God. And the destination, only God knows; could be Calvary freakin Hill for all I know. Blindly dragged, hoping we’re on our last leg to paradise. Ha. Though further and further we trudge, to an off-key rusted trombone dirge, slooooww, yet never Read More