Poetry for Tyrants

Sculpture by Aleksandr Rodchenko

For tyranny upon a tyrannical disposition compounds the heart aspiring to nuclearly implode every other.
Poisoned by pumping of the same ten thousand words–
Blood the next finite resource– Read More



Painting by Cynthia McLean

Catholic, Protestant
Which one of you bears his cross-
Tossing holy invective
“In the name of Jesus Christ…” Read More

Walk On Water

Painting by KJ Burk

Swept dust and powder
Crumbling asbestos ceiling tiles
Itchy eyes and dried-up skin
Radon and foundation sealant in the crawl space
Paint to cover the mold
Paint to cover what little I have
Head games by reproaching blood(y)
Relations (or my head?) Read More

Lyrical Love Final List and Honorable Mentions

Painting by Annette Schmucker

Here is a recap of the songs I featured throughout the year that, 1) have English lyrics and, 2) the lyrics perfectly match the music to make for exceptionally moving listening experiences. (By clicking on the title, you will be redirected to the post with my commentary, the full lyrics, and a YouTube link to listen.) I hope you enjoyed the series and, as always, I’m open to more listening recommendations.

Final List: Read More