Painting by Kevin LePrince

Fiery, impenetrable
Like human nature
Like faith
Can I ever know your conciliatory core
Without testing you in the fire
Cracking open your Read More


Ping! K-ching!

When you, twenty year old, sat in the passenger seat of my car with your fellow superhero backseat drivers as we drove down the icy mountain “in fellowship” wanting to save my soul for God (for you) before we made it down to town and jumped from bible verse to verse like a manic (depressive) pinball Read More


Painting by Igor Eugen Prokop


I had an orgasm in Oklahoma, a vision in Virginia, but in Denver witnessed no empty tomb in a rocky mountain, or any other miracle
I gestated in Solomon’s icicles and was born in the wizened space between May raindrops
In San Bernardo was baptized in Escobarian blood and chicharron grease Read More



‘The Bath’ by Steven Restagno

When we die by random gun violence
Honor my babies by taking a 98.6 degree bath
Remembering that this warmth is what they last felt
As their blood spilled and bathed their skin
Remembering that they loved bath time
Honor each victim by scrubbing the filthy belief Read More