Time is racing but I stand paralyzed
Velocity will make anything seem real
Its hard surface pressed tight against my perimeter of curve and dangerous angle
Convex dagger into heart Read More


What the Young Man Said in the Stairwell

Chongqing, China

The thought of having to be around people is cause for anxiety and Joshua says that’s probably a motherly instinct. People are usually either trying to get you to glorify the past or expound on a future one can’t possibly know. It may even be blaspheming to try. Mothers of newborns must be present and attentive constantly, with very little room for error. No, I don’t know where I’m going to call home in three months, and it’s not my concern. God knows. But they who worship the god of security don’t even know how to hear this, let alone accept my decision to trust.

Yesterday I realized it was the tenth anniversary of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. On that day I was working in the tallest building in Chongqing, a metropolis 300 miles from the epicenter. As I was teaching a class on the 15th floor, I felt the whole classroom start to sway. Read More


Photography by Andre Ermolaev

A honed heritage of rebellion and pride
Innate upstream laws by which to abide

I’ve held all my life but the shore is the same
A cadenza my furrowed brow has belied

Incessant whirlpools form calliope echoes
Insanity swirls and draws all I’ve decried Read More


Painting by Rachael Errington

Dendritic lies spread like an unearned ovation
Poisoning mankind’s body and hopeful expectation
Tasting metallic of both euthanasia and revelation
Atomic love and remorse in equal parts for expiation
A deadly sweet catalyst of symbiotic relation
When is amanita Happy Hour for cellular sedation? Read More

Sliding Scale

Mentality shaky like an ancient mountain on a fault line slipping into the sea and the mountains don’t even speak to me anymore long neglectful of the dust that comprises their mass even when the shadows spill glorious on their umber cliff sides in low winter sun i am laid numb by the trisomy 13 and too premature and still-
births of strangers
sisters Read More