Lyrical Love: My Madrigal

Photography by Lenny Kaye

Iconic rocker/poet Patti Smith wrote the song ‘My Madrigal’ after losing her husband, Fred “Sonic” Smith, to heart failure. It begins with a sad, simple piano intro, soon accompanied by long arco cello notes and Patti’s heartbreaking voice, “We waltzed beneath motionless skies, all heaven’s glory turned in your eyes.” Read More



Painting by Beata Belanszky Demko

Do miracles rise from the cracked crust of the earth,
each new world existing both for, and because of divine love?
Do you dip into one pool and each ripple is a new-born dream manifest
as human on earth,
as star in sky,
as song in space? Read More

The Sun Dared To Rise

There were no skid marks

Your pregnant wife’s car, slammed into a soybean field
She and your youngest son, taken

But not to vacation bible school


Your son who liked to draw on his bedpost with his red and blue markers

Took two more days to die

Your firstborn, the first baby you’d ever held and the one you had the most nicknames for Read More

My Most Grievous Fault

At her funeral little was spoken but, “She was like many leaders, so self-fulfilling as if they were their own prophecies.” They learned not to romanticize or euphemize her legacy, which turned out “the best thing about her legacy,” their children would say years later. The youngest ones wouldn’t even remember the pivotal day their predecessors stopped deceiving themselves in the whirlwind of matter and things that don’t. When their own leaders stopped progressing time forward and began following light deep.

Her name: Read More

Lyrical Love: Appear To Me

Painting by Alison Johnson

June’s pick comes from Round Mountain, a brother duo out of Santa Fe. Char and Robby Rothschild wrote the song ‘Appear To Me’ in response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake that took over 200,000 lives, a fact I only discovered while researching the origins of the song. With featured vocalist’s, Moira Smiley’s angelic voice floating over the chorus, I hear it as perhaps a gentle comfort Read More

Sonic Boom, Empty Tomb

Photography via

In the little stone church, I did hear what Holy Spirit was saying to the Church and the power of grace shook the rocks and Rocky Mountains and leveled my understanding. It is the sadness of the world that there are people who look into the tomb and see a dead body. I was dead for so many years because that is what I saw. My own reflection, could it be? At the nuclear level there are two of us on earth: the one who sees death and the one who sees an empty tomb.

2013, Amaya Engleking