Walking to the Lake on a Late Autumn Afternoon —

Amaya and Oriahn Ruah

“When a bird sings
when dewed branches tilt sunlight into eyes
when curtains are soaked with light
when mirrors drown in shadows,
take your day to the shore, my child.
Put out the words that fired your waking,
scatter them on the sand like seeds,
then with your feet gently tap them,
and let the bright waves
receive your meaning.”

– Khaled Mattawa, from ‘Bedtime Reading for the Unborn Child’

Nada se pierde con vivir, tenemos
todo el tiempo del tiempo por delante
para ser el vacío que somos en el fondo.

– Enrique Lihn



Mahākāla thangka

Third-world wrinkles weigh down eyelids as she bows her head and lifts up her palms for alms for one more red-sky dawn, a most colorful sari to don. “Sorry,” says a face as he shrugs off all sorrows and solutions, the faces of great men will remain safe in his billfold until the automated face at the bank intones, Read More

These Soles

“Well, you won’t be a ballerina.” Mother’s first words to her baby daughter who would never meet her approval. Then, in the near-blank baby book besides all the perfunctory measurements, next to ‘Other features:’ was written in cursive disdain, “Tiny bunions — ALREADY!”

I, the unfortunate daughter, never did sashay nor plie into a picturesque graceful life, but I marveled at how the tendons looked mud-caked and sun-baked from wild summer dances in the fields and barefoot mountain climbs. Read More

Preface and Grace

Painting by Eileen McGann

I am touched by this shining soul who has written a piece in response to my journey of rape and forgiveness. Honestly, I feel embraced by God after reading Lona’s introspective narrative and poem — a supernatural support I suppose I’ve been seeking ever since writing about that nightmare, the maddening twelve-year healing process, and releasing it to the world; maybe even back to the fateful night itself. I, just one more lost sheep under a fractured and beautiful sky.
So much love to you, Lona Gynt.

Scattered thoughts made a little more random

in Memorium_001 Sometimes the very angels weep, perhaps that is what they mostly do.

Editor’s Note:  (meow) This post starts pleasantly enough, but I need to warn you that it might be a trigger of sadness or anxiety for victims of abuse, assault, or rape.

Preface:  Hello this is HarveyCat, Lona’s sometime Bodyguard, Conscience, Accountant, Therapist, Public Relations Coordinator, and Editor.  On a late night this last week I was somewhat discomfited because Lona was about 2 hours late in delivering the usual ration of kibble.  I know I give her a hard time about not rendering the proper obsequiousness  to my regal presence, but she really is pretty reliable with the victuals, so even I had to turn my head away from my favorite toasty warm avian surveillance post and see what is going on with her.  (This is not easy to do in the springtime, the air has been filled with…

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Amaya, 2007

You who have lived many layers of lifetimes overlying just one body. The serious kid who took pride in her father — and her mother, for granted. The college girl with once a head of “dreamy blonde” highlights who spent her restaurant paycheck on $220 Versace sunglasses, a tank of gas, and a bottle of Bordeaux. The fervent penitent who sought God within church walls… Read More


Photography by Charlotte Colbert

All is white these days, the humidifier noise through the night and late January skies, but I’d give my life not to remain a blank slate mirror anymore. Smooth, slippery cold marble surface, not even the Kronos Quartet playing Philip Glass to the much prayed-for snowfall, not even the kids’ laughs or cries, not even my husband saying poetry doesn’t matter can penetrate, or stick, or stain. Albedo one hundred percent. Read More