Ragged Man

Thank you for writing this, Walter.

Photography by Lee Jeffries

Poetry and Prose

Amaya is tonight’s bartender in the Dverse Pub.  She asked us to write about a time when a change in our lives caused us to change our mind for the greater good.  This person changed my mind and life more than any other I could ever imagine:

I met a ragged man,
Who walked a crooked mile.
Though he was stooped and weary,
I thought I caught a smile.

He was walking down the lane,
Bloody and beat down.
And on His head a band of thorns,
Encircled as a crown.

I asked Him, “Why so cheerful,
When you know a dreadful end?”
He beamed a smile right back at me,
“It’s all for you my friend”.

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“La Cara de la Guerra” by Salvador Dalí

Soldiers say the taste of blood

Sustains more than MREs;

So let us then dam our flood Read More

Embracing Blessed Pregnancy (Shape Poem)

I am
in bloom.
Full of blood,
bubbling, full of life.
Face aglow, I am awed
by the blood vessels
flowing into womb,
thickened veins and
umbilical pulse.  I can
feel their swollen contours
as they inflect upwards beneath
the skin.  Bulbous breasts plump with
sweet amber, ~~ dripping like blackstrap
molasses. ~~ Soon the ambrosia will pour
forth as the new baby feeds,  feeding the
flowering plants, tuberose and jasmine,
clematis and columbine,  blossoming
blackberry brambles; ~~ this milky
blancmange enriching the fertile
soil of spring. ~~ Efflorescence Read More


Painting by Nicola Samorì

Imago Dei in utero
Induced labor sex with stranger
War begets peace and other cycling lies
Divided church enter
Traipsing cave of prevarication
As prurient stalactites drip
Precious pearly purgatory Read More

37 Weeks, Rings and Pens and a Beautiful Orb

35 weeks/8 months pregnant

Probably my last pregnancy update, but I promise there’s a treat in this post for you poets too!

Well, yay, I made it to 37 weeks which is the full-term gestation that I would personally be comfortable delivering the baby at home. I forgot how UNcomfortable the last few weeks can be, but I’m not complaining as I know it could be much worse. I’ve lucked out and have had good blood pressure, very minimal low back pain, and absolutely no edema. I definitely have a oompa-loompa waddle and I’m pretty much saying “c’est la vie” and letting housework fall by the wayside as I’m just too exhausted for the constant bend-overs that are part of daily life with two kids under four. I’m looking forward to labor but a little worried about if the baby’s a girl because we have no viable first name choices. If any readers have suggestions of a name that fits these, send them my way:

– three-syllables
– different and melodic
– preferably Hebrew (but open to any origin)
– does NOT begin with letters A C J K Q S

Yeah we’re, uh, particular. I also have quite the pregnancy brain and here’s a little senryu to illustrate:

Lost my wedding ring

At least I still have a pen

(Somewhere around here)

That’s not to say I put writing above my marriage, but I definitely would rather be stranded on a desert island with a pen (and paper) rather than a bejeweled tiny circle of precious metal. But poet friends, that wasn’t the treat. Here it is:

Cartoon by Peter C. Vey

Haha! We’ve all been there.

And lastly, here’s just a little touching moment I want to remember. Read More


Once upon many a callow night I would make myself lost amidst the darkness of the Rampart Range ponderosa pine forest. I romanticized the mystery I exuded and the closeness I felt, alone, to the towering trees and the midnight pin-pricked vault above. “Why did she suddenly run off like that?” new friends would ask around the campfire, its hallowed light. Read More

Poetry Challenge: Shadorma

If anyone’s up for exploring mystery in the shadowy Shadorma form, please come join me in hosting the ‘seance’ over at dVerse Poets Pub. You will write your own Shadorma using the 3-5-3-3-7-5 syllabic pattern, then provide your link so others can read and comment on your work, and you will read others’ contributions as well. For an example of a Shadorma, have a look at my posts, ‘Wendigo‘ or ‘Prodigal‘. You can participate beginning now, and ending at 1pm RMT this Saturday. See you on the other side…

Amaya Engleking

Photo Source


Art by Eric Lacombe

Not pretty
This, acid reflux
Black bile from
Underbelly of rabid

Healing hurts
When it requires death.
I don’t need
“Milk-and-honey” lozenges,
Palliative pretense Read More