Tibetan Leadership

dalai lama blog post

I’ve been thinking about the Dalai Lama and the Tibet situation.  His Holiness, like Christ, never advocates violence as a solution to solve problems, particularly in running the Chinese out of the land.  If one’s person is being attacked and is in immediate danger, then one ought to protect oneself, but offensive violence will never support their cause.  Especially their spiritual one. Read More


Like Water

Hei Shan Gu holy drops

One thing I’ve become less attracted to over these ‘conversion’ years is street evangelism.  Christians are always saying that works do not get us into the kingdom of heaven but rather the belief in the Christ and what he did.  Yet, of their own accord, and I constantly fall prey to this behavior as well, they are always trying to do better and better works, despite their belief.  Read More



Uncompahgre Peak summit, 14,308′

I wrote a long paragraph while the baby napped about figuring it all out Colombia, about God and rebirth, and wrote a few too many sentences and deleted the irrelevant words.  Then, exactly 77,777 word count.  The wind blew on the cold spring day but we walked to the library with the puppy, who’s not such a pup anymore.  The baby’s getting heavy but she’s going through a phase (I hope) where I can’t set her down for a minute or else she’ll cry.  So I try to load the woodstove one-handed.  Fold laundry, crack eggs over the frying-pan, go to the bathroom, type. Read More

Nailing Jesus to the Cross


Immersing ourselves in Maria Valtorta’s account of the crucifixion of Christ, I think of the time I nailed Jesus to the cross.  Years ago my aunt and uncle were driving me to their place in Milwaukee for their daughter’s wedding.  At one point they asked me what I thought of Jesus.  I hesitated for only a brief moment and answered, “He’s just not that inspiring.”

He’s just not that inspiring. Read More