Painting by Henry Asencio

Today will soon be the rose-colored past when the worst they did was make art of rape with stolen paint and palette knives, wet with red as bitten tongues. It was easy to execrate the oppressor when
it was someone other than Read More



Bridal veil beside
Bed-raggled spread of spilt stars
And other launched hopes
Til’ the moon draws back the sky:
Satellite script of unborn names Read More


Photography by Justin Dodson

When we sat on the chalk cliffs overlooking the Timberron basin and lightning in the indigo sky, it started to rain hard, though far from camp with one poncho between us. It threatened to wash away our ground but somehow, Read More


You’re able to bend to the ground
cause life’s turned all around
Down is up and up, a playground
where lost children go to be found
By outstretched limbs and
zipped lips without a sound
But for harlequin kisses tempting, Read More


Photography by Cindy M. Diaz

I crowned twilight with the breath of the mountain, diphthongs down the valley.
I found my flight on this diadem, opening mouth to allow vowels out
I wound them up with streams of clouds into a timbred halo, Read More


“There’s nothing to say about maritime sadness:
Immodest signals from unreachable islands,
Earthrise on the moon.”
– James Galvin, from ‘Something to Save Us’

Cull the living world, its krill
Roil its blues and greens and whites
With fingertip the needle eye
In vast stifled space from lunar foothold
Anchor drifts as murmuring plankton —
Somewhere you are at bottom of my mind Read More