Photography by Zoltán Glass

God, I know you’re not real but
Sensei, would you pull a
pensee for me out your kimono pocket, Read More



Photography by Armelle Touzeau

Broken brocade;

Where do I put this sequin when the sequence

Falls like notes from the cellar door?

On my knees searching on the dirty waxed floor

Hands graze gypsy mambo scuff-marks

And dirty martini olive-swords.

Candles glow in distant red bulbs,

My search waxes dim.

How does poetry save the world like God? Read More

Lyrical Love: Step Right Up

Art by Kingsley Wallis

Now don’t go getting too excited about a tax-refund shopping spree. First have a listen to this beat/jazz poem-song by Tom Waits, written in 1976, and you might think twice about how to spend your money. Or, the snaky salesman might successfully tempt you into trying the miracle product. “It finds you a job, it is a job… It sanitizes for your protection, it gives you an erection, it wins the election…” Read More


Frederico and his band playing, me and Jashy happy with jazzy stuff like Crakkity Adam’s Apple banging the drums, a waitress called Bonita, and ice cubes. The once in awhile soft glance the two of us share like the low breathy break Read More



I caught a reptile like a cold

And released the chimerical chameleon

Who always finds my scent,

The aromas of every note ever played

Still lingering in a mind frayed

Up a jazz line and it lays bent

On a sleepy city that stirs

What in a hollow world?


© 2011, Amaya Engleking

They Call Me Mr. Pitiful


Art: “Otis Redding” by mercedes

They call me Mr. Pitiful cuz I forget I’m just a pretty girl and my baby won’t stop flappin’ his dragonfly wings but I don’t mind what he does when he sings and we’re sippin’ eggnog and Irish mist and Christ our souls have just been kissed. “All that drink she ought to avoid!” I do, psst-pssters, when I am unemployed but it’s been a hard day of watchin’ paint dry and I’ve earned this happy hour with my guy so we’ll keep up this noggy nine-o’clock jig and from the Saint Doggy tree we’ll pick a fig Read More

Top 17 Musical Pieces


Music is my constant companion.  In this list I put together my top lifelong songs and other pieces of music.  They are in order of when I first heard them from 1=earliest to 17= most recent. Certainly not hastily slopped together in a day, after several months of giving this ‘Top’ list sincere consideration, it’s done.  For now.  What is yours?

     1. Mantra of Avalokiteshvara—Song Huei Liou, Ya Ging Ging, Huang Tung Sun, Sheng Yan

This Tibetan Buddhist chant of compassion has filled me with love and awe since first hearing it at Tenzin’s little Tibetan shop off of Pearl Street in Boulder as a thirteen year-old. Read More