Painting by Tamara Natalie Madden

Suppressing evil,
The power to extinguish
Cannot hold light to
The power to relinquish
Sourced from a childlike wonder Read More


Ascension Will Not Be Televised

Art by Angel Boligán

What is the purpose of governments? They all begin as conquistadors — gangs impeding the free will of others. There is no room for ‘putting the needs of others before your own’ in the current system. Even wearing the guise of ever-glorified democracy, one is reinforced to exercise the ego to its fullest. We as a collective body then become a reflection of our selfish desires and our slipshod intellects, leaving compassion and virtue buried in the dust: inevitably a warring nation, particularly among our own members. Conquistadors of our own hearts.

Is it conceivable for you, individually, to set aside your own irrelevant and redundant politics and ask, “What is best for my neighbor?” And then proceed sans fanfare and gloss, Read More

Quaking Aspen

“Aspens in late winter” by Michael J. Lynch


I didn’t resolve to kiss Christ on the cheek until my 28th year. If years were days it would be one full moon cycle that I needed to live out every phase in order to trust in God, as I was at enmity with even the idea of there being one. My own lofty ideals of Man and self had to first fall.

S l o w l y.

Yet, waxing or waning, shown full or fully shadowed, the source of love and life was always there and now, I shudder in the warm tenderness. I am in awe. Read More

Lyrical Love: Brothers in Arms

Painting by Stuart Brown


I wish I could remember the first time hearing this month’s pick, ‘Brothers in Arms’ written by Mark Knopfler and released by his band Dire Straits in 1985. Every time I listen to the song (certainly among my top ten all-time favorites) which is essentially a timeless plea to end all war, I get the chills and most of the time I cry too. I long to hold that faded memory for what that moment has done in my life, helping me along to seek and recognize truth in a world that increasingly decries the necessity of “just war.” Read More


“Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh

Moving through this world like forging your way through heavy plastic
Molecules dense and greedy even for your tiny space it becomes harder to breathe as they crowd around pushing in on you from all sides everyone striving to be stuck stable solid it’s like not moving at all Read More

Our Sins

Photography by Manuel Libres Librodo Jr.

We like miracles because they are now,

Not because they are from God.

We use God’s love because it serves us well,

Forgetting that without it, we would be dead.

We watch our loved ones sleep

And pray to God they do his will

And then grow afraid of his will.

There lacks congruence in what we Read More


Art by Paolo Ceric

All were in their proper place–
The hedonists on the slippery slope
The proud upon hearths of their own function
The saints in the silent center of the sequence–
When the world ended, its perfect pied way Read More