Mahākāla thangka

Third-world wrinkles weigh down eyelids as she bows her head and lifts up her palms for alms for one more red-sky dawn, a most colorful sari to don. “Sorry,” says a face as he shrugs off all sorrows and solutions, the faces of great men will remain safe in his billfold until the automated face at the bank intones, “Thank you for your business.” We walk away swiping, wiping clean our hands, “Now, what’s for breakfast?” as we have satisfied the monolithic face of industry illusory economy and one more morning deprived the face of our own souls’ mourning.
Sailors, take warning.

the faces of the world
are the faces of myself
are the faces of God.


©2018, Amaya Engleking

Our dVerse guest host, Randall/Qbit, is asking us to perceive a group and then look at an individual member of the group and write about what distinguishes it from the larger whole, like a sparrow in a flock, a baby in a nursery, or here, like a face in God. I encourage you to read the host’s own haibun, Free for All, as it was a wonderful coming-of-age story accompanied by a perfect micro-poem.



  1. qbit · October 2

    This… was stunning.

  2. Frank Hubeny · October 2

    Nice sound in these lines: “our own souls’ mourning.
    Sailors, take warning.” And appropriate warning.

  3. I can really see how we pass those faces… as a matter of fact we have to do it all the time, the haiku a stark reminder of ourselves… are we really all that different?

  4. Blogging_with_Bojana · October 2

    Wow. You rock my world every time I read u.
    Maybe u don’t see the change but you are the change.

  5. Frank J. Tassone · October 2

    Reblogged this on Frank J. Tassone and commented:
    #Haiku Happenings #9: Amaya’s latest #haibun for #dversepoets!

  6. jillys2016 · October 2

    “are” “are” “are” – brilliant.

  7. Grace · October 2

    The faces speak do they, of men and God, of the world. Love what you have written here Amaya. Food for thought, and a whispered prayer for those palms seeking for one more red-sky dawn, a most colorful sari to don.

    • Gospel Isosceles · October 3

      Thank you for that prayer. I wrote this after receiving a phone call earlier from a mother in Nepal whom my husband and I met begging on the street four years ago. Her life is hard and she was sobbing and I just wish there was something more I can do to help her.

  8. Just Barry · October 2

    This took my breath away. I had to read it multiple times.

    Also, I thought I was following you before… but I certainly am following you now.

  9. merrildsmith · October 4

    We pass those faces without noticing, often without thinking. The haiku is stunning.

  10. Lona Gynt · October 4

    Truly many in one, oh this is tender, your work Springs a river. I bow to both the power and the need I feel in this poem.

    • Gospel Isosceles · October 10

      “the power and the need”
      A precise way to sum up the Light. Thank you.

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