Photography by Amaya Engleking

Green kelp sweeping
Fingers of the supernal hand
Brother keeping
Corialis stir of shoreland
Sea leak seeping
We become sun on salt and sand
Brother keeping
We become every fault of man.


©2018, Amaya Engleking



  1. Harry Miller · August 24

    This one is very compact, jabbing, and exquisite.

  2. Singledust · August 24

    beautiful photo Amaya and the words were thought provoking. hope all is well with you.

    • Gospel Isosceles · August 28

      I’m pleased to hear from you, Gina. I have been busy but it makes my day to come on here and see some love from some of my favorite writers. Your words carry me, they do. And I hope you are writing and contemplating and enjoying some good company every once in awhile.

      • Singledust · August 28

        so good to hear and read you too Amaya. I can imagine how busy you are with the family and so I admire mother who can write and squeeze that time in to be creative. Thank you for your kindness to me that is very uplifting to me. I have been getting better at writing recently, not as much as before but starting. And yes my kids have been very good company as well as friends who really care. Wishing you and your family much joy and peace.

  3. Lona Gynt · August 24

    What do we become? yes, I am afraid we do become every fault… but oh, that glorious sun and salt and sand. We may strive to be brother’s keepers, to be holy, we still need help. This rolls like the gentle tide in your picture, and look at those racing footprints!! Be well my friend.

    • Gospel Isosceles · August 28

      All the help we can get! Thank you for noticing the prints too. I will try, friend. Your words — all these comments — make me want some salt of the earth.

  4. Brendan · August 25

    You got it. We stand at the ruined shore, giving thanks for the water’s surviving sound and grieving. The pic nails the echo in place.

    • Gospel Isosceles · August 31

      Whoa, Brother-who-speaks-Sea, thank you for saying so. “Water’s surviving sound.” Yes!

  5. pvcann · August 25

    sure resonates – speaks into my world view

  6. Peter Notehelfer · August 25

    How close lie within us the keeping and the breaking . . . Love the picture; Love the verse!

  7. Diana · August 26

    I love the mood you achieve with this, dear Amaya. The sun is blinding, dazzling my vision … yet after my eyes clear your last line remains with me…

    • Gospel Isosceles · August 31

      I don’t know if we understand the whole of what it means to love our neighbor. By doing so we may be set back (from our perspective) so as to be reduced to a grain of sand. I hope to catch a glimpse of the Other perspective, for how else may we justify it in this lifetime, should we choose to actually and truly have compassion for our fellow man?

  8. blindzanygirl · August 26


  9. racheltejas · August 27

    Reblogged this on Rachel Murane and commented:
    One of the loveliest, more complex poems I’ve read in a long time. Thank you thank you for sharing your abundant gifts and vision.

    • Gospel Isosceles · August 31

      To see my favorite writer sharing my verse. You made my whole week, Rachel. xoxo

  10. saynotoclowns · September 8

    I love that photo – I feel like I have paused the most wonderful music video and your intriguing words bounce around my mind in the quiet of late night here.

    • Gospel Isosceles · 24 Days Ago

      That means so much coming from you, music lover. Thanks, Vanessa.

  11. Björn Rudberg (brudberg) · 28 Days Ago

    The way you have entered the coriolis into this lyrical poem is an excellent contrast… just like the photo I feel blinded.and maybe every fault of man… excellent short poem

  12. Frank Hubeny · 28 Days Ago

    Nice sound in this line: “We become sun on salt and sand”

  13. suzykopliku · 28 Days Ago

    Startling, concise and beautifully rendered.

    • Gospel Isosceles · 24 Days Ago

      Thank you, Suzy. I’m so happy to have found your beautiful writing.

  14. sanaarizvi · 28 Days Ago

    This is beautiful! I love the way you enter the coriolis in the poem which serves as a splendid contrast 🙂

  15. anmol(alias HA) · 28 Days Ago

    Such a curious form and structure — I hear both a prayer and a mythical rime here. Loved this line: “We become sun on salt and sand”. 🙂

  16. skyraftwanderer · 28 Days Ago

    Wonderful writing.

  17. kanzensakura · 28 Days Ago

    What a wonderfilled poem. The photo dazzles. I like the thought of being and having a keeper I used to struggle with loving my neighbor, with being a keeper. Several years ago it broke through. Our neighbor has a severely disabled 43 year old son with cerebral palsy. I was watching her pushing his wheelchair up the hill and having a bit of trouble. The neighbor across from us went out to get his mail and stopped what he was doing to give her a lift. the two of them pushed the wheelchair up the hill and then Eric lifted his arms for a hug and kissed the cheek of our neighbor. such innocence and love in that kiss. I fully understood it all. that moment dazzled me as does your poem.

    • Gospel Isosceles · 24 Days Ago

      What an exceptional comment, Toni, thank you for sharing a moment in your world when you saw love spread.

  18. Grace · 28 Days Ago

    I am dazzled by the photo and verses specially your last 2 lines:

    Brother keeping
    We become every fault of man.

  19. Arcadia Maria · 28 Days Ago

    A thought provoking piece. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Kathy Reed · 28 Days Ago

    Well written..this rings so true…the enigma of life itself.

  21. memadtwo · 27 Days Ago

    If we could only keep that becoming of the sun…(K)

  22. Lona Gynt · 27 Days Ago

    One of. My favorites, will always love this. We are all every fault, every strength, we are all in this together or we are not human. No island is a man.

  23. Imelda · 26 Days Ago

    There’s something in the poem that tugs at me. I feel that I have been thrown into a conversation, I hear two voices here, one calling, the other responding. The tune is plaintive and solemn. Yes, just like a motet.

  24. Imelda · 26 Days Ago

    And the photo, too. 🙂

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