Man-made Hell

Spring Fire from La Veta, CO. As of Saturday evening, the fires have consumed over 41,000 acres of forest and an undetermined amount of homes. No human lives have been lost. Photography by Rheanne Velie

My husband was interviewed today by a news crew while walking with our daughter to the library. As if we locals didn’t have enough fire to worry about, they were out to stoke the flames of emotion and incite reactionary anger to the cause of this whole disaster: a reclusive middle-aged man with [hashtag] “delete the elite” strewn across his social media accounts, was burning trash near his home in Forbes Park, despite the fire ban. The broadcaster asked Joshua what he thought of this hot-off-the-press information, and he replied, 

“Ohh, too bad to hear that. Well, it gives a chance for those who lost their homes to some day forgive that man.”

My husband told me when he returned home that they quickly ended the exchange after he said the unexpected. I’ll bet you the amount of acreage burned in dollars that they don’t air Joshua’s response. Forgiveness doesn’t sell, and it’s a damned shame. It’s what would bring the rains.


2018, Amaya Engleking



  1. Of course, they are only looking for outrage.

    Forgiveness would bring the rains. I like that.

  2. Singledust · June 30

    newspapers and televisions reach so many people, they should be trying to put the fire out not add to the flames. how does inciting anger help without remedial action? i am sorry to read about this calamity so close to you.

  3. lynn__ · July 1

    I’m originally from Colorado…sorry to hear of devastation. Our society desperately needs the rain of forgiveness.

  4. Cheryl Ruffing · July 1

    Wise words, Amaya and Joshua.

  5. stolzyblog · July 1

    Soon as I saw your husband’s remark, I knew the outcome, and you confirmed it.

  6. Mario A. Pita · July 1

    Amaya, in a country being deliberately filled with incendiary speech that is fueling the fires of human suffering, your husband’s words are refreshing, clear water.

  7. Vivian Zems · July 2

    Good for him- that he spoke his truth! You’re right- forgiveness doesn’t sell- a pity.

  8. Angelo Devlin · July 5

    What a great response. Glad you shared it here.

  9. Miss A · 10 Days Ago

    I like Joshua! Well said. Hope your rain praises were answered.

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