Our orchids and African violets

Wither before sundown

Of a row of summer’s brussels sprouts

We got a measly one

But the mold in the new kombucha batch

Has more equity than we do

And did I just hear voices from the compost

Recite the Nicene credo?


©2018, Amaya Engleking

Written on a whim for dVerse guest, Walter Marks’ prompt on humor from our real lives. Hey, it’s not that I don’t have a green thumb; I just need to tame it!



  1. Ha. I know this well… so good that there are exceptions to the rule of “unlucky” gardens.

  2. Waltermarks · May 22

    Wow, your crop died hard. I guess that’s one of those things that gets better with age, like the Kombucha, lol That first frost has killed my stuff before. after so much work, it makes you want to cry. That and you could have eaten out at a nice restaurant for the same price

  3. oldepunk · May 22

    Plants are hard

  4. Jo · May 22

    Gardening escapes me too!

  5. Grace · May 22

    I don’t have a green thumb as well ~ This reminded me that I should read the care of plants carefully as it can wilt and wither just as quickly ~

  6. rothpoetry · May 22

    Amazing how the things we don’t want flourish, while the “good things” whither and die away. Maybe we should change our perspective and live for ever!!

  7. Mary (tqhousecat) · May 22

    Gardens are so unpredictable. One year I did Kombucha for someone and the smell of almost did me in, and then I did lemon peppers and got a bumper crop. I hate them both. Meanwhile my cucumbers I so love never grew more than an inch and my tomatoes drew the slugs.

  8. Frank Hubeny · May 22

    My green thumb seems like it should be a different color and some things I’ve grown, for some strange reason, grow without much help from me.

  9. What a wonderful take on growing pains 🙂



  10. Waltermarks · May 24

    Yeah, I see your point. It does have a real life equivalent. But God, has placed His own planting in your life. It will grow as well

  11. prunkentfaltung · May 24

    I’m always amazed when I see a african violet NOT withering away. I once killed a mother-in-law’s tongue. I stick to cacti now. They have the best chance surviving my neglectful ways.

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