Embracing Blessed Pregnancy (Shape Poem)

I am
in bloom.
Full of blood,
bubbling, full of life.
Face aglow, I am awed
by the blood vessels
flowing into womb,
thickened veins and
umbilical pulse.  I can
feel their swollen contours
as they inflect upwards beneath
the skin.  Bulbous breasts plump with
sweet amber, ~~ dripping like blackstrap
molasses. ~~ Soon the ambrosia will pour
forth as the new baby feeds,  feeding the
flowering plants, tuberose and jasmine,
clematis and columbine,  blossoming
blackberry brambles; ~~ this milky
blancmange enriching the fertile
soil of spring. ~~ Efflorescence
all around; a flurry of blood
cell activity flourishing in
living to fullest potential.
Warm  mountain  spring
water placates all of the
pressure and submerged
I   float   like   slumbering
baby in womb. Resting in
this nine-month  umbra,
cloistered   from  world’s
abrasive ways, ~~~~ I am
imbued with an  afflatus
shine; mother and baby,
together an emblem for
Holy Spirit’s ripest fruit.


©2018, Amaya Engleking

Revised from original version published 4/5/16 to adapt into shape poem. And once again, heavily pregnant in spring! If you’re viewing on website from a phone, you may need to change to landscape orientation to see the full shape.



  1. Hemendra Dibaakor · March 23

    I really appreciate it. 👏

  2. pvcann · March 23

    precious, beautiful and life giving.

    • Gospel Isosceles · March 23

      It is cool how I’ve moved with the seasons, twice now bringing forth life in the spring. Thank you, Paul.

      • pvcann · March 23

        Thank you for sharing the richness of your life.

  3. oldepunk · March 23

    This is so beautiful.

  4. Grace · March 23

    A beautifully shaped pregnant poem, rich with blessed fruit of motherhood ~ Take care of yourself and your babies ~ I love this share ~

  5. saynotoclowns · March 23

    Reblogged this on say no to clowns and commented:
    Amaya’s writing is so beautiful. I adore this.

  6. saynotoclowns · March 23

    This brought tears to my eyes. ❤️

    • Gospel Isosceles · March 26


      • Diana · March 26

        I’m trying to retrace my steps… dear V I think you must have originally brought me to Amaya’s blog? And now I can’t stay away …. ❤ to both of of you epic souls!!

  7. michaeljordahl · March 23

    such wonderful words!

  8. Papberry · March 23


  9. sanaarizvi · March 23

    You have made me so emotional with this one… truly stunning work!💖💖

  10. stolzyblog · March 23

    so so good! think I’ll sign up for the female gender next incarnation 🙂

  11. Imelda · March 23

    Pregnancy so beautifully expressed here. 🙂

  12. This is wonderful shape poem, as is the richness of your language celebrating the bloom and the fruit… a baby in spring will grow stronger than most… have a blessed birth.

  13. hypercryptical · March 23

    Your words are beautiful Amaya, rich and descriptive of the wonder that is new life forming flourishing inside of you, fed and nurtured by that that is love.
    I echo Bjorn – have a blessed birth, a most blessed birth.
    Much love.
    Anna :o]

  14. Angelo Devlin · March 23

    Clever, twice.

  15. Abe · March 24

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! shape poem!!!! I love it!!! Loved the poem, the phrases; I could visualize the flowers, smell them even, and it made me feel warm and nice. Beautiful poem.

  16. Frank Hubeny · March 24

    Nice last three lines about the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

  17. Lona Gynt · March 24

    Every birth has blood, water, and the spirit of new life. Every new birth has the blood of Christ, the water of covenant, and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. And each is delicious and verdant. You dive in with a divinely sensual celebration of new life, that reminds me of Robinson Jeffers in how wonderfully over-the-top you are. Perfect. It is hard work to shape levels of meaning in a way that seems to flow easily. “Contour” slides along the beginnings of the fundal conntour. The sweetest surprise for me, however, is how the poet is both mother and fetus, she is herself being sheltered and fed by the divine, like recursive shells of Russian dolls, she rests in the peace of expectation and nourishment, not the giver of life, but its recipient. So lovely!! 💜

    • Gospel Isosceles · March 26

      Thank you for this wonderfully contemplative reflection. While in this “umbra”-ed state, there is no need to heed, even an invitation to break free from, the usual restraints on men and women in dealing with the world and with one another. Let the prudence and introversion and self-censorship fall away as none of those things apply with the Holy Spirit. It is how I deeply connect with the baby I’m holding and with the One who created us both.

      • Lona Gynt · March 26

        Oh how sweet this is!!! Let the world drift away, leaving only that sweet unction that binds all things, especially the Body of Christ . 1 John 2:27.

  18. Shreya Vohra · March 24

    Doubtlessly one of the best shape poems that I’ve had the pleasure of reading! 🌸 choicest of words and emotions are beautifully expressed🌺

  19. daninmaya · March 24

    I love this one, Amaya

  20. Eli Kyoko · March 25

    So rich in love & life 💖 I love it so much ⛅🌷🌻🌹

  21. Colin Lee · March 26

    And THAT … is the most beautiful shape of any human — a vessel made of unconditional love and sacrifices. Take care, my friend. Pray all goes smooth and well. 😉

  22. Brendan · March 27

    I am slowly getting familiar with your work, but it seems the deeper your mouth goes down into the heart, the more terrestrial your language. It shines in such a different way from “Deviled Eggs.” Makes me wonder what hidden line keeps this isoseles so gospel …

    • Gospel Isosceles · June 22

      What a wonderful thing to say to a writer. And from a fellow writer I admire deeply. Thank you, Brendan.

  23. Miss A · March 27

    This is amazing and beautiful! Love the shape. I’m sending you warm wishes and safe arrival of the little one. By now you haven’t picked up anything from the floor in a few weeks and you probably feel super ready. So exciting!

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  25. Cathy · April 2

    This is a very pretty poem!

  26. ilovecloudstoo · April 5

    that was wonderful. I will go back and read more of your posts.

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  28. thebumpcrew · June 10

    Reblogged this on The Bump Crew Circle and commented:

  29. Jes Gragg · June 12

    This is beautiful! If you are interested subscribe to my YouTube channel for pregnancy updates and all things fitness, and lifestyle related! Thanks!


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