Painting by Nicola Samorì

Imago Dei in utero
Induced labor sex with stranger
War begets peace and other cycling lies
Divided church enter
Traipsing cave of prevarication
As prurient stalactites drip
Precious pearly purgatory
Manic depressed pools on belly:
Hallowed hollowed out womb


©2018, Amaya Engleking

dVerse quadrille — Cycle

Image credit: nicolasamori.com




  1. oldepunk · March 22


  2. oglach · March 22

    Fiercely powerful.

  3. Diana · March 22

    Oh, my … I’m reading this out with pained emphasis and reader glee. Amazing! 💜

  4. Allie · March 22

    Oh wow, this is amazing

  5. pvcann · March 22

    Like a sharp slap, awakens

  6. kim881 · June 18

    My word, beginning with ‘w’, has been used several times. Gasp!
    I love the alliteration spat with so much venom, of the lines:
    ‘Traipsing cave of prevarication
    As prurient stalactites drip
    Precious pearly purgatory’
    and the sigh (or gasp) and moan in :
    ‘Hallowed hollowed out womb’.

  7. The language in this is so strong. Love the way you have used the language in such a way with the womb and uterus Dei working together.

  8. Jo · June 18

    This is so powerful!

  9. kanzensakura · June 18

    Sharp and powerful, like a slap with a glove filled with ice. The language is sharp and strong, expecially “Hallowed hollowed out womb”.

  10. Frank Hubeny · June 18

    Nice last line.

  11. sanaarizvi · June 18

    My goodness this is potent!

  12. Frank J. Tassone · June 18

    Fierce and piercing, Amaya!

  13. Strawberry Abbey · June 18

    Wow. This is gorgeous.

  14. Mary (tqhousecat) · June 18

    Okay. Looking up words!

  15. Kathy Reed · June 18

    “Cycling lies” works great here!

  16. V.J. Knutson · June 18

    Dark and provocative.

  17. Grace · June 18

    Drama leading up to that last final line ~ Wow!!

  18. rothpoetry · June 18

    Sounds like a church full of politicians… cycling lies!

  19. erbiage · June 19

    thick vocabulary, penetrating alliteration.

  20. annell4 · June 19

    You take my breath away.

  21. Vivian Zems · June 20

    You’ve got my attention here! Powerful!

  22. lynn__ · June 21

    May truth of first line be recognized and wombs hallowed…

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