Painting by Tamara Natalie Madden

Suppressing evil,
The power to extinguish
Cannot hold light to
The power to relinquish
Sourced from a childlike wonder

To see life free!


©2018, Amaya Engleking

At dVerse Poets, Lillian prompts us to write a poem about a superpower: an extraordinary ability, capacity, or strength. This poem is in tanka form, set free at the end, but you can choose to write in any form.



  1. Frank J. Tassone · March 13

    Reblogged this on Frank J. Tassone and commented:
    #Haiku Happenings #2: Amaya’s latest #tanka with a freestyle twist for #dversepoets #quadrille Monday!

  2. E · March 13

    To freedom. That painting is stunning. 💙

  3. Mia ~ Copper Cranes · March 13

    Amaya, a lovely tanka and gorgeous image. What a marvelous connection between superpower and childlike wonder. There’s so much strength in that type of wonder and discovery, it almost seems impervious to the ills of evil. Please have a beautiful day.

  4. lillian · March 13

    …a super power…the power to set free. What a beautiful image to go with this.
    I’m reminded here of parenthood….we are presented with the tiniest of beings, totally vulnerable. We nourish them and raise them….to set them free.
    Lovely post!

  5. Frank Hubeny · March 13

    Setting life free would be a superpower.

  6. Vivian Zems · March 13

    You speak a truth here in this tanka. The power to relinquish is above all. Simples!

  7. kim881 · March 13

    I love the tanka with its amazing rhymes of extinguish and relinquish, Amaya, and the gorgeous image to illustrate the final line.

  8. rothpoetry · March 13

    The power of the Spirit goes beyond the power of evil. The childlike faith has power beyond imagination. Very good Amaya!

  9. Harry Miller · March 13

    I like this a lot. The Daodejing no. 51 contains something like: “To quicken but not to own, to make but not to claim, to raise but not to rule, this is called profound virtue.” To relinquish and not to extinguish and especially “To see life free” perhaps illustrate the same principle, but your version is more inspiring, because it contains the word “free.”

    • Gospel Isosceles · March 26

      Thank you, I appreciate your comment greatly, Harry. I wonder if Lao Tzu, or whoever actually did write the Daodejing, would be censored out of meaning in today’s regime. Maybe it’s a good thing he implies but does not say, “free.”

      • Harry Miller · March 27

        But maybe Mr. Lao didn’t even imply ‘free.’ All the Chinese philosophers assumed sagely prerogatives, differing only as to how each would govern the people. None, apparently, could conceive of the people governing themselves. So again, your version is better, for its use of the f word.

        I hope you are well and allergy-free.

  10. annell4 · March 14

    I suppose the most “free” thing is life, you can’t control it, can’t stop it, it is, and it is forever. Death is only a stutter, life continues. That is all I know.

  11. Mary (tqhousecat) · March 14

    The power to relinquish and set life free…wow!

  12. Love that power… not the usual one, and so generally scorned upon. Yet that’s the world need that too…

  13. whimsygizmo · March 15


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