Top New Yorker Cartoons (I)

By Roz Chast

By Tom Cheney

By Frank Cotham

By Michael Crawford

By Matthew Diffee

By J.C. Duffy

By Emily Flake

Not a comprehensive list by any means, but a few fridge-worthy ones I’ve collected over the years. (The utter content on the banjo player’s face!) Which are your favorites? I’ll follow-up with a second round next Sunday, so stay tuned…

2018, Amaya Engleking



  1. oglach · February 25

    The Frank Cotham cartoon is great.

  2. Rick · February 25

    I like the sacrifice one! Thanks for sharing and your blog! Sunday blessings!

  3. qbit · February 25

    “let’s go mine our own salt”. Fantastic.

  4. ELLE · February 25

    Love that symbolism one, lol!

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