Question Mark

                                on          did
                             how            the


©2017, Amaya Engleking

For the dVerse question prompt. Will you come ask your own?



  1. Shawna · September 19

    This is cool.

  2. Vivian Zems · September 19

    Good question. I’ve thought to ask that one. Lol!

  3. qbit · September 19


  4. rosross · September 19

    Now that is clever. Made me smile as well.

  5. jillys2016 · September 19

    Great use of a shape poem!

  6. Frank Hubeny · September 19

    Nice question about the question mark.

  7. kim881 · September 20

    ;I always enjoy shape poems and this one hits the (question) mark!

  8. Björn Rudberg (brudberg) · September 20

    I love this.. and also thank you for the inspiration to the prompt… questions has been on the back of my mind a long time, and you helped me to make it into a prompt.

  9. Rachel Mary · September 20

    What a great image (and question)! I have always loved shape poems.

  10. Colin Lee · September 20

    Visual poetry. Clever. If it first came from the Syriac (two vertical dots), then the question would be reversed to … “how on earth did the rainbow go up there?”

  11. revivedwriter · September 21

    I love the format and the humorous question!

  12. Beverly Crawford · September 21

    Clever shaped poem. I guess without the dot we wouldn’t know when to stop. Unless, of course!

  13. Janice · September 21

    Well done! It’s funny –I was lost in the trees at first, reading linearly but I knew a sentence was there and then I saw it (the forest, the shape)

  14. sarahsouthwest · September 22


  15. Olga · September 23

    A touch of brilliance in shaping the right question. ❤ Actually when I first read it, I thought the dot represented the Earth as a dot in the universe.

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