Pregnancy Diet Quirks

Here are some strange changes going on with my palate right now. (If you’re here for the poetry, maybe skip this monotonous pregnancy diary.)

• First and foremost, beverages. I regularly drink coffee and tea. Black coffee about one cup every other day and herbal tea before bed about twice a week. Now, at almost 11 weeks, I don’t want to drink anything hot and I skip coffee altogether because it’s too bitter but I don’t want to sweeten it. I don’t normally take ice in my drinks but now I only want to drink something if it has at least three ice cubes in it. And the sudden cold affinity has been consistent in all three pregnancies. I normally like water but now I need more flavor and have been staying hydrated mostly through iced tea and lemonade.

• Normally I’ll eat cereal for breakfast every other day but it sounds disgusting to me now.

• I’m used to eating fish about every other day, and I’m still eating it about 2-3 times a week but I only will eat it beer-battered, instead of the usual baked, pan-fried, or grilled.

• I love all vegetables and could eat a veggie stir-fry with rice seven times a week, but now the only vegetables I can manage are carrots or maybe beets if blended in a smoothie. Greens (including culinary herbs) are definitely a no-go right now unfortunately, as it’s high harvest time.

• As a pescatarian I normally get a lot of protein through beans, lentils, quinoa, tofu, and tempeh, but I haven’t had much of a stomach for any of those, maybe only forcing myself to eat them once a week or so.

• I’m doing okay with fruit, scrambled eggs, green chile, tuna salad (though I gag the whole time making it because of the smell; cooking anything really) french fries, crackers, pretzels, unsalted almonds, and bread/rice. Cheese can go either way.

• I don’t want any chocolate or anything sweet if it’s not fruit or juice.

• Chinese food is still good though for some reason I can’t stand onions right now (normally love them) and lomein noodles are probably one of my favorite things to eat now.

What I want to know is, where are all these random idiosyncrasies coming from? The aversion to hot or even room-temperature drinks is the strangest to me. Is my body telling me that it somehow needs the nutrients in deep-fried fish and chips but not those in baked salmon and mashed potatoes? Is it the baby’s personal taste? Whatever is going on, I find it fascinating because it is so short-lived. I bet in another month, my regular eating/drinking habits and tastes will resume even though I’ll still be growing the same baby. The wonders!

2017, Amaya Engleking



  1. Chagall · September 16

    Congratulations. Odd! I know I was able to eat anything and everything for each of my kids. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Gospel Isosceles · September 19

      Ha! Well, some of us just get lucky, I guess…

      • Chagall · September 19

        Unfortunately my wife didn’t fare as well. —CC

  2. youraveragemomma · September 20

    I can totally relate to this post. I had food aversions (to my favourite foods) and sensitivity to smell. It was so random but things got better in the third trimester and I was able to go back to most of the food I loved. I hope that happens for you too.

  3. mandibelle16 · September 21

    I don’t have kids, not sure if or when I will. But my Mom feeling queasy had eggs one too many times during when she was pregnant with me. She couldn’t eat them in any cooked form – scrambled, sunny side up etc. Until we were all high school. I don’t know where these changes in your pallet come from but one of besties is pregnant too and she has a similar story to yours about the taste of what good food is or isn’t, changing. Congrats btw!

  4. Miss A · September 28

    I can relate! Im the biggest coffee drinker out there and couldnt stand it and suddenly got the urge to eat everything with mint in it. At some point I even starred with love at the tooth paste.

    • Gospel Isosceles · September 28

      Oh I kind of struggle through teeth brushing these days because of the mint (but any herbs/spices would be just as harsh.) Luckily now I think this whole weird phase is waning–Yesterday I was able to make salmon chowder from scratch. Yeah, wouldn’t have attempted even opening a can of clam chowder a week ago. Thanks for reading!

  5. canach · January 23

    Sorry – I completely missed these pregnancy posts. I think that must have been just when I was on the internet and what came up in my feed. I had no wifi at home for four months so got out of the habit of reading much on the internet, only going on for a purpose to send email or look something up. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I found the foods I avoided different in each pregnancy (fish and smoked food in one, tomato and citrus fruits in another). Strangely enough I got a craving for sauerkraut.

    • Gospel Isosceles · February 10

      Hi Canach, thank you! Yes, just about eight more weeks to go now. Diet’s pretty normal now, it just gets all wacky for about a month in the middle of the first trimester. I can’t wait to write a birth story, stay tuned!

      • canach · February 11

        All the best with what is coming

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