Art by Simon Gardiner

A chatoyancy
Golden slit of rush hour city
Suspended dinner plans for one
Ensorcelled moment
Sufficient for them to open
One cat’s eye degree more
To a chance of the divine
Somewhere on the sidewalk
Of the glittery ring road,
The concealed source of the light
Cut from what you did for him.

©2017, Amaya Engleking



  1. oglach · September 8

    Beautiful poem and dazzling image.

  2. qbit · September 8

    Ooooh. Lots of great language in that.

  3. awmaynard802 · September 11

    What IS a chatoyancy? I’v never heard of that term

  4. This is lovely!❤️ I had to look up ‘chatoyancy’ and then read your poem a number of times.. reveling its in depth and beauty❤️

  5. paul scribbles · October 19

    Clever use of the cats eyes and the content is thoughtful and provocative. Ensorcelled is new to me but intuitively I knew what it meant and I love that it suggests cellular enchantment. I wonder what the act was that is held in that cut crack of light and I need not know, save that all such acts offer us a glimpse of the divine manifesting in the moment. Beautiful.

  6. I do love the use of words here, just like Paul said… chatoyancy I had to google… and every time I read it I go deeper in understanding.

  7. kanzensakura · October 19

    Interesting poem. Good use of cat’s eye and cat’s eye and cat’s eye. I always liked that type of agate.

  8. peterfrankiswrites · October 19

    Lovely piece, great use of language and allusive imagery – the stone, the light and the lapidarist’s blade – fantastic.

  9. Bodhirose · October 19

    I learned a couple of new words through your wonderful piece, Amaya. I love the starburst of light in that artwork too.

  10. Beverly Crawford · October 19

    Chatoyancy and ensorcelling sent me to Webster! An evocative poem, well written.

  11. katiemiafrederick · October 21

    Boxes within Boxes
    Sky Scrapers
    from Love
    Love is real Love
    is real unboxed
    from the Lear

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