The Poet

Painting by Lindsey Kustusch

Pre-dawn inky glaze
Raven dips low, swift upstroke
To perch on phone pole
Old wires trace a palimpsest,
The Messenger of dreams flies.

©2017, Amaya Engleking



  1. windstrewn · August 1

    Five lines? I read five-hundred and am gone on it. The painting is magnetic.

    • Gospel Isosceles · August 2

      I appreciate your comment, as I enjoy reading your poems. This poetic form is a tanka, or 5-7-5-7-7. It challenges one to evoke the bare essence of the idea. Much like the Poet does with the raw materials of nature and humanity and the pervasive spirit.

      • windstrewn · August 2

        I like the device, but moreso your application of it. This little poem is an open door. I always appreciate the competence in your writing, Gospel.

  2. qbit · August 1

    “Old wires trace a palimpsest”!

  3. braveandrecklessblog · August 2


  4. Mary Brearley · August 5

    A very beautiful and evocative poem.

  5. poetrybyliviniarendall · August 27

    Lovely to read

  6. That’s just how I wake up each morning, but I’ve never heard it stated so fancifully.

  7. You do not disappoint… the palimpsest of old wires I think of a musical score with the raven being the notes of the song.

  8. sanaarizvi · February 8

    Gorgeous write!😍😍😍

  9. Waltermarks · February 8

    You captured Poe right from the picture and carried him to the raven’s heart, as dream’s messenger

  10. paul scribbles · February 8

    From pentimento to palimpsest…clever you are.

  11. “Old wires trace a palimpsest,
    The Messenger of dreams flies.”

    The art truly grips the message in your poetic triumphant glory. Beautiful write. 🙂

  12. erbiage · February 8

    Great ekphrastic tanka, amaya

  13. divalounger · February 8

    Loved this!

  14. Frank Hubeny · February 8

    The dreams I remember usually happen near morning. Nice linking them to crows.

  15. rothpoetry · February 8

    I love the predawn inky glaze and your predawn inky glazed Raven as well…

  16. katiemiafrederick · February 10

    i SaW A ShaMaN
    i WAnDeR WhY..;)

  17. emangarduque · February 12


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