I was inspired while reading the chapter on motherhood, and apparently the baby in the womb was too, for after fifteen days past her estimated due date — as I tried intense mountain hiking, bumpy 4-wheel-driving over Engineer Pass, dancing my pregnant booty off to saloon ragtime, cooking with Himalayan chili peppers, an all-night full-moon vigil with medicine bowls and drumming, raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose oil, and an awful castor oil experience — she was born eight hours later, in the same room in which we read it. Here is the full, labor-inducing quote from the book, Three To Get Married, by Father Fulton Sheen.

“We are constantly invited in Scripture to become what we are not, namely, to convert creaturehood into Christianity, to ‘become the sons of God.’ But entrance into the realm of the supernatural order is accomplished only by the death of the old Adam, by sacrifice and penance; there is a foreshadowing of this in the sacrifices of motherhood in bringing a new life into the world. There is not as much pain in creation as there is in generation, as it is easier to remain a natural [hu]man than it is to be born again as a ‘child of God.’ If mothers but realize it, they are prolonging the Passion of Christ through the centuries and, at each birth in the flesh, telling mankind that only through labor and self-effacement does one become a child of grace under the Fatherhood of God amidst the brotherhood of man.”

Coincidentally, July 10 was Qoey’s due date, three years ago.


©2017, Amaya Engleking

*If you like the painting above, please have a look at Amanda’s beautiful home/water birth artwork at her site:



  1. Rick · July 10

    Thank you for sharing your journey and writing the most amazing description of birthing efforts I have ever read! Monday blessings and congratulations!

  2. den169 · July 10

    Congrats!!!!!!! A new light has come into the world and there is joy throughout the universe. Peace!

  3. Imelda · July 19


    Incidentally, Archbishop Fulton Sheen is a favorite of mine. His writing is clear and sublime at the same time.

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