Behold! upward surge through the diadem
Sun lifts the people, its prayer for all of them:
‘This day will be a glimpse of Holy Spirit,
Some will kneel adoring, some will fear it.
Yet all who rise be taken up in the Word,
Though evil built a world and deterred
Creaturehood from knowing its Womb,
The love generated by Bride and Groom;
One timeless moment is all they will need
To reacquaint hearts with their inborn creed,
Surfacing in one curve over the expanse of time
The martyr, the one who fights this vast crime
Needlepoint embroidery on history’s brocade,
A stippled veronica of Imago Dei.’

So we wake and so we see.


©2017, Amaya Engleking

*I began writing this to be read as an intercession for the people to return to God during my wedding ceremony, but this poem/intercession has evolved to this, a prayer of the shining sun who knows its Creator. I’ll link it to the dVerse prompt which is “Blessings”.



  1. Jesus-Network.com · June 28

    Greetings and Blessings to you! 🙂

  2. paul scribbles · June 28

    Thank you for linking up. Your words are a most welcome blessing.

    • Gospel Isosceles · June 28

      Thank you, Percussion Paul! But it’s going to take me a few days to catch up with my reading, I have a feeling.

  3. sreeja Harikrishnan · June 28

    Blessing indeed!

  4. domainofshane23 · June 28

    Wow. Spectacular. “Though evil built a world and deterred
Creaturehood from knowing its Womb,”

  5. Beverly Crawford · June 28

    “Needlepoint embroidery on history’s brocade” … What a beautiful phrase. Meaningful write.

  6. frankhubeny · June 28

    I liked the last line: “So we wake and so we see.” And “One timeless moment is all they will need”.

  7. This is a great piece of poetry… love the back story on how the poem has evolved even more… so many precious phrases

  8. As always my well centered friend your words ring beautiful. It doesn’t take a true belive to recognize your sincere talent

  9. saynotoclowns · June 28

    Beautifully crafted!
    And the picture is perfect.

  10. revivedwriter · June 29

    This is amazing! I especially like the last few lines.

  11. Imelda · June 30

    Lovely. I wish I can write faith-themed poems as you do. 🙂 Keep on. 🙂

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