Our Sins

Photography by Manuel Libres Librodo Jr.

We like miracles because they are now,

Not because they are from God.

We use God’s love because it serves us well,

Forgetting that without it, we would be dead.

We watch our loved ones sleep

And pray to God they do his will

And then grow afraid of his will.

There lacks congruence in what we believe and think we know in our heart and mind,

And in what we perceive with our senses.

But the sharp pain beneath the left breast

Reminds us of when we denied our savior:

He’s just not that inspiring.

The cock crows inside the chest.

The ones of the world praise us for our strong will

While the otherworldly wisely keep silent.

Only now, decades and lifetimes later

Do we have ears to hear

Their silent prayers.


©2014, Amaya Engleking



  1. Charles Roberts · 5 Days Ago

    “the cock crows inside the chest” that’s a beautiful line and describes this sinner all too often.

    • mitchteemley · 3 Days Ago

      That line got me, too.

      • Gospel Isosceles · 3 Days Ago

        Ha, I think had I titled the piece, “Cock Crows,” more would have read it. Few want to hear about “Our [including their] Sins.”

  2. mitchteemley · 3 Days Ago

    Painful beauty. Or, perhaps, beautiful pain. True either way.

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