This isolated town attracts many eccentrics but its county seat status eventually tames them, urges them to have a say in the lives of those around them. Antioxidants to free radicals? Is it a good and healthy thing to want to change others’ destinies based solely on one’s own morals and (let’s be real here) opinions? 

The whole world wants to make circles for their efficiency and their philosophical implications, but a world of circles is not as interesting — or beautiful, to be frank — as one with a thirteen-pointed star in the ocean of circles or a saplingesque soul here and there. A piebald world, unpredictable and wondrous, like that which fills the mind of a young child. Wouldn’t it be awesome to discover a planet that is anything but spherical, one that visibly reflected the colors of beatific intimations and emitted electro-magnetic radiation in perfect-fifths?

It can’t be God doing the grooming into well-behaved, hail-Caesar, civic servants so well-adapted to earthly life. I suppose it is possible that these two “deities” can become so blurred that one may think he is serving one by serving the other. After years of living on the periphery of humanity humanity humanity [I just realized how funky that word is to type, in 4/4 time and rhythm goes: eighth eighth /dotted-eighth sixteenth / dotted-eighth sixteenth / sixteenth-rest sixteenth sixteenth sixteenth-rest. H U / M A / N I / – T Y – ] they’ve had an epiphany that God is all, so Caesar is God’s, so there is no division and all is good. But Caesar is God’s, he is not God. God’s face is not plastered all over currency in attempt to immortalize. God does not tempt or lead into temptation. There is a necessary distinction that we must make between that which is God’s and that which is Caesar’s, despite what the all-inclusive, secular world trying to do away with either/or’s might tell us. May we serve God and not anyone “in the name of God.” Let us remain childlike and love our environment rather than poke around in it, try to grasp it for all its wonders, control it as we play the role of oh-such-good-stewards.

It’s better to watch a seed in the wind float its enigmatic path than to pluck it from its destiny to fit one’s own happy ending.

©2013, Amaya Engleking

Image Credit: Kinari on Flickr (via Pinterest)



  1. Robert Turner · June 10, 2017

    This is beautifully written, well done. I will follow your posts with interest.

  2. rupaligoyal · June 10, 2017

    “It’s better to watch a seed in the wind float its enigmatic path than to pluck it from its destiny to fit one’s own happy ending.”
    Bang-on with the message! Lovable! 👌😊

  3. Soul Gifts · June 18, 2017

    Stewards of our world, our nest -if only everyone would take their share of the responsibility to nurture and care for it

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