Lyrical Love: Appear To Me

Painting by Alison Johnson

June’s pick comes from Round Mountain, a brother duo out of Santa Fe. Char and Robby Rothschild wrote the song ‘Appear To Me’ in response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake that took over 200,000 lives, a fact I only discovered while researching the origins of the song. With featured vocalist’s, Moira Smiley’s angelic voice floating over the chorus, I hear it as perhaps a gentle comfort to those left amid the devastation; if they only look skyward, they will realize that the spirits of their loved ones live on.

Upon hearing the haunting song for the first time, however, I (surprise,surprise) heard it as a prayer to be shown God. You will know what I mean when you listen to the sonorous chanting above two sustained accordion chords followed by the a cappella third verse of a unison, childlike choir. At the climax of the song, you realize your prayer is not in vain; to the contrary, the revelation is God within. Aurally, this is demonstrated by a percussive beat that arises among the repeated chorus, “Be real to me, appear to me.” And the voice soars.

I’m curious to know what you, dear readers, feel when you hear this song. Please share your experiences and I encourage you to explore more of Round Mountain’s music. (Another favorite is the following track, ‘St. Joseph’, which I may decide to feature in this series as well.) You can visit their website at:

‘Appear To Me’ by Round Mountain

Vous avez dansé / from the beginning

Vouz allez danser
/ until the end

Vous avez dansé
/ and through your dancing

Vouz allez danser
/ call deliverance in,

Be real to me, appear to me…

On peut pas nier
/ we have a windfall

On peur partager
/ we cannot keep

On peut pas nier
/ so let us answer

On peur partager
/ when mothers weep

Be real to me, appear to me…

All that we have been, it is forgotten,

All that we have gained is in the air.

All that we have left, it is tomorrow,

All that we have lost has turned to prayer.

Be real to me, appear to me…


2017, Amaya Engleking

*This is the sixth post of the series, Lyrical Love, in which I feature a song on the first Friday of the month. These songs are not exceptional solely in lyricism or in instrumentation, but these two components are perfectly matched to create exquisite compositions. I’d love to hear further suggestions on songs that meet this criteria. Thank you for reading/listening.



  1. braveandrecklessblog · June 3, 2017

    Lovely and stirring

  2. Visionariekind · June 15, 2017


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