Sonic Boom, Empty Tomb

Photography via

In the little stone church, I did hear what Holy Spirit was saying to the Church and the power of grace shook the rocks and Rocky Mountains and leveled my understanding. It is the sadness of the world that there are people who look into the tomb and see a dead body. I was dead for so many years because that is what I saw. My own reflection, could it be? At the nuclear level there are two of us on earth: the one who sees death and the one who sees an empty tomb.

2013, Amaya Engleking 



  1. frankhubeny · May 25, 2017

    Good point about being dead because that is what we see.

  2. saynotoclowns · May 26, 2017

    btw, where is that church?

    • Gospel Isosceles · May 26, 2017

      Tyrol, Austria

      • saynotoclowns · May 27, 2017

        Have you ever been there?

        • Gospel Isosceles · May 29, 2017

          No, but I liked it to complement the contemplation, which was inspired by an experience in a church in Durango, CO. I’ve never been to Europe, or to Oz, for that matter. My brother just returned from a few months traveling NZ and Australia, and now wants to move to, I can’t remember the place, but a town in Australia. I’m going to ask him cause maybe you know it.

          • saynotoclowns · May 29, 2017

            I love Durango. I love SW Colorado period!
            That’s very cool about your brother, yes, please let me know where he went.

            • Gospel Isosceles · May 29, 2017

              SW CO is a special place. I lived in the San Juans for six years. I also love the proximity to crazy beautiful southeast Utah. By brother wants to live in Wollongong, NSW. His girlfriend is from Canberra but they are living in Durango now. In which part of Australia are you?

              • saynotoclowns · May 30, 2017

                Oh my, I agree about Utah too! I love it all!
                Really? I’ve never been to Wollongong. My twin brother is in Canberra. That is so cool they are in Durango though!
                We are in regional South Australia, about a 3 hour drive north east from the capital, Adelaide. Adelaide is where I grew up.

            • Gospel Isosceles · May 29, 2017

              This is from a text he just sent on the places they visited:
              “Yakandanda, aubury, The Arapiles (climbing area) wornambul (sp?), all along the great ocean road, Melbourne, wilsons Promontory (NP), the Snowies (backcountry hiking in the NP- really beautiful), batemans bay, point perpendicular, Nowra (crazy town, but good climbing). A few places in between.”

              And my other bro and his wife are getting their Phd’s in Auckland. A good reason to get down there, but with babies, it’s tough…

              • saynotoclowns · May 30, 2017

                Yes, I know all of those places, except the first one. The Great Ocean Road is really stunning. Not only the beaches and the rugged cliffs, but also the rainforest along there. The coast where Bateman’s Bay is is really beautiful too.
                Oh my, NZ is exceptional! I really love it. So much in a small area compared to Australia. Australia is huge, there’s a lot of distance between places, but NZ has beauty around every corner. It would be really tempting to visit… 🙂

  3. Gospel Isosceles · May 27

    **Comment from FB**

    Mario: I can relate to whole thing, and especially the line “my understanding has been leveled”. And not only is it true that in each of us there are two: the one who knows that He arose, and the other, Dubious Thomas, but also, to paraphrase Whitman, we each contain multitudes.

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