Photography by Cindy M. Diaz

I crowned twilight with the breath of the mountain, diphthongs down the valley.
I found my flight on this diadem, opening mouth to allow vowels out
I wound them up with streams of clouds into a timbred halo,
My sound is alpha and

©2017, Amaya Engleking

At dVerse, Victoria asks for a 44-word quadrille including the word, “sound”.



  1. paul scribbles · May 22

    A blessed sound it is too.

  2. Jericho · May 22

    Good heavens. This is insanely good. I am crazy over that first line.

  3. Victoria C. Slotto · May 22

    Beautiful (divinely so) imagery. The alpha and omega put the exclamation point on the ending for me.

  4. Waltermarks · May 22

    I like the clouds formed into timbred halos, your vowels winding them out like smoke

    • Gospel Isosceles · May 24

      I’m glad you saw/heard those rounded, open mouths. A posture of awe.

  5. saynotoclowns · May 22

    This is magnificent!

  6. Grace · May 22

    This is an ode to the magnificence and grandeur of the nature & universe ~

  7. I do love the wonderful first part, and finale… who would ever need more.

  8. Inspiredme · May 23

    Amazing post

  9. lillian · May 23

    This is STUNNING! Thank you for posting to this prompt. This is truly beautiful!

  10. sanaarizvi · May 23

    This is absolutely divine!❤️

  11. LuAnne Holder · May 23

    I love this! I haven’t heard the word diphthong since years ago when I taught reading. Lovely poem.

    • Gospel Isosceles · May 24

      You taught reading? I want to focus on teaching literacy after my babies are babies. Good of you to stop by, LuAnne, I miss seeing you around.

      • LuAnne Holder · May 25

        Yes, my muse took a vacation for a while there! 🙂 I did teach reading. My first career was as a special ed teacher teaching reading and math to seventh graders with learning disabilities.

        It is so good that you have the opportunity to stay home with your little ones. I got to stay home while my daughters were little and I feel so blessed that I was able to do that. I also felt blessed when they were both in school and I got to go back to work – that time in a new career. Now I feel blessed to be retired!

  12. Sascha Darlington · May 23

    Love this! “diphthongs down the valley,” great sound

  13. frankhubeny · May 23

    I liked the idea of the sound being the beginning and the end.

  14. rosemawrites · May 24

    this is blessed. ❤

  15. Janice · May 24

    Beautiful :))

  16. Linda Kruschke · May 24

    My favorite sound — the voice of Alpha and Omega. Lovely take on the prompt.

    • Gospel Isosceles · May 24

      In an obscure side canyon of the Grand Canyon, by a small and nameless waterfall, I first heard the primal OM sound vibrating and intuitively knew it as α and Ω. God has an awesome voice.

  17. Imelda · May 24

    Beautiful. 🙂

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