Map of Kathmandu (see Credit below)


In attempt to love them
Yea, I become them
Before no walls were there.
Now built round
Notion of in-and-out has height,
Keeps out the sunlight,
Of home-and-world…Lord,
Is this your will?
An abstract art piece from on high, titled,
“Their Folly” or “Again and Again”?
Or have we begged for our allotments,
Tiny plots, minuscule geometries
To keep us safe from each other,
From your will?
Teach us how to not build hells,
But heaven.
No shelter, no storm.
Are we not to live free
Beyond the shelter,
The cause of the storm?
My soul presses into the walls of this body
As it must, ever going forth
To join you,
Soul of fellow man and God.
I am desperate for life!
Fill me with your Spirit, fill me with your Paradise!

I have been healed by
Ancient prayers.

©2013, Amaya Engleking

Image Credit: “Map of Kathmandu” by Chaotic Atmospheres, via



  1. DeanJean · May 18

    That’s a map?! I thought it was an abstract painting or photograph – it could even look like a rose!

    • Gospel Isosceles · May 18

      I wonder if God sees beauty in our division, as the map might suggest. I doubt it. You should check out the link at the bottom of the poem to read a little about the artist’s process and see other maps, like Paris, Beijing, L.A., Cape Town, and more.

      • DeanJean · May 18

        Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out!

  2. domainofshane23 · May 18

    Have you ever been published in a journal or magazine? If not, you should really send stuff in because your poetry is always so inspired and well-constructed.

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