Secret Ingredient 

El Maestro

Backyard baby back ribs, and Carlos even let me in on the secret ingredient to his addicting barbecue sauce (and it’s not la coca!)

What does the world need? –To listen. And I looked up from my inner question and saw music, the answer. Music, the best tool for teaching us how to use our ears. Then comes prophecy: to hear the truth only when ears can discern harmony from discord, truth from deceit.
The bible brought me here and the reading is slow. It leads me into long meditations and to a point of singularity, the following verse being the answer to a question I asked just last verse, hours ago. Perhaps García Márquez was in Lectio Divina and that is the answer to ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’, wherein the final kin member, Aureliano, is led into the dusty room where he finds the book written of his blood, his history, and… He knows he will never again leave the room, because there is nothing more written in the book. It is complete. But to take up the discipline, the closing of a book signifies the opening of life’s: the book is eternal, open or closed. We are the children of the Word.

So back to the party…

I slammed till I dunk and honeyed till I shrunk and Thelonius’ed till I monk and as long as we have grandma’s gramophone, playing that funk al carbón, babe you’ll always be my dirty bone.

©2012, Amaya Engleking


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