Collage by Gerardo Gomez

Daniel Berrigan’s motto for the Nicaragua mission,

‘Let’s test this thing called “soul”.’

I get. I too, get the irony of following up such a precept with, “It was as simple as that.” How do we humans, what with our flesh and religions and legal-ese, starved souls and designer denim and bipartisan conquistadors, unceasing questions and prejudices and even more makeshift answers and partitions, even have a word “simple”? It should be proof right there that there is a God, as we cannot have devised it on our own; it was given to us by a lucid and bestowing creator. A reminder of the womb and the deathbed, and yes, of something beyond.

©2017, Amaya Engleking


One comment

  1. windstrewn · May 21, 2017

    Romans 1:1-32, emphasis 19-20. We are fools otherwise…

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