Another One

Sculpture by Mark Austin Byrd

Do you hear that sound?

Music no longer moves you

So an angel cries.
2017, Amaya Engleking



  1. braveandrecklessblog · April 11

    Lovely and melancholy

    • Gospel Isosceles · April 11

      I tend to get that way (melancholy, not lovely 😉 the week before Easter. Palm Sunday has to be the most depressing day of the year.

      • braveandrecklessblog · April 12

        I am sure that you are always lovely. Melancholia and I are old friends. Sometimes I welcome those opportunities for quiet introspection.

  2. Nickel Boy Graphics · April 11

    The sculpture and words remind me so much of the graphic work done by Kathe Kollwitz, particularly “Woman With Dead Child.” They all speak of something very precious that is lost. Nicely done.

    • Gospel Isosceles · April 11

      Kollwitz’s work is breathtaking, those hollowed eyes and gripping muscles. “Perhaps if I squeeze just a bit more, I’ll bring my child back.” I think you understand that this little haiku is not only about music being forsaken but compassion and the desire to want to please God falling copiously like real tears, to make way for life’s other demands. But I am moved. By music, by Kollwitz’s subjects, by God. And I will declare it and fight to make the holy and good things relevant. Especially on the eve of war (and parades for war)…
      You are right about that: some things are precious.

  3. Nickel Boy Graphics · April 11

    I am really moved by your statement “And I will declare it and fight to make the holy and good things relevant.” I think that is the core of all great art.

  4. aumque · April 12

    Ahem, no. I am not going to say anything about it)

  5. ANITA · April 14

    Sad one.
    Crying angels ? Love smiling ones.
    And Music is a must.

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