Lyrical Love: Expecting To Fly

I won’t say too much about this pick written by Neil Young during his Buffalo Springfield days in the 1960s, except that it is the saddest love song I’ve ever heard, and it evokes the long-distance relationship my husband and I endured for pretty much the whole time we were “together” before we got married.

But even deeper, by the time the symphonic lament leads into the chorus, it’s as if I see my sweetest memories of youth pass away before my eyes. Like all of those friendships I’d developed in innocence, laying under the mountain sky on the big rock in Rampart Range while discovering the universe and our hearts together, all for them like sands to scatter in the wind. It’s as if youth is a dream itself, surreal, unbelievable over time. Yet this shadow, this emptiness, comprises our being today.

There you stood on the edge of your feather,

Expecting to fly.

While I laughed, I wondered whether

I could wave goodbye,

Knowin’ that you’d gone.

By the summer it was healing,

We had said goodbye.

All the years we’d spent with feeling

Ended with a cry,

Babe, ended with a cry,

Babe, ended with a cry.

I tried so hard to stand

As I stumbled and fell to the ground.

So hard to laugh as I fumbled

And reached for the love I found,

Knowin’ it was gone.

If I never lived without you,

Now you know I’d die.

If I never said I loved you,

Now you know I’d try,

Babe, now you know I’d try.

Babe, now you know I’d try,


©2017, Amaya Engleking

*This is the third post of the series, Lyrical Love, in which I feature a song on the first Friday of the month. These songs are not exceptional solely in lyricism or in instrumentation, but these two components are perfectly matched to create exquisite compositions. I’d love to hear further suggestions on songs that meet this criteria. Thank you for reading/listening.



  1. rothpoetry · March 3, 2017

    Very nice bit of nostalgia!

  2. Mark R. Stone · March 4, 2017

    Well, I love a sad love song, especially lately. The lyrics are truly heart wrenching…

    “I tried so hard to stand
    As I stumbled and fell to the ground.
    So hard to laugh as I fumbled
    And reached for the love I found,”

    Ugh… felt this. It is a sweet a sad lament.

    Do you like Cowboy Junkies, or perhaps Tracy Chapman? I’m pretty fond of Mr. Vernon’s work on DeYarmond Edison too. I love some of their beautiful lyrics and music.

    • Gospel Isosceles · March 4, 2017

      The song “Speaking Confidentially” by the Cowboy Junkies is one I have adored for years, and actually the album including that song (can’t remember the name) is quite sad and moving. I learned to play it on the guitar but I really like listening to their version with the violins. I’m a sucker for strings:) Also, “Telling Stories” by Tracy Chapman is a timeless tune that I always enjoy listening to. “There is fiction in the space between…and I’m just telling stories.” I need to check out those last two artists. Thanks, Mark!

      • Mark R. Stone · March 4, 2017

        I’m a huge sucker for most of Tracy’s album, New Beginnings. The last two is the same artist. Justin DeYarmond Edison Vernon (front man of Bon Iver and DeYarmond Edison) … I posted one of his terribly sad songs on my site. But also love “Love Long Gone” … so so so haunting and powerful for me.

  3. TheFeatheredSleep · March 6, 2017

    All time favorite song♡

    • Gospel Isosceles · March 16, 2017

      You must have an inquisitive taste in music. What are some of your other favorites? Trying to broaden my sound and make more music friends!

      • TheFeatheredSleep · March 19, 2017

        Gosh I don’t know! I like Jeff Buckley a lot. I really love Kate Bush of course, and Supertramp weirdly! ha ha! Fleetwood Mac? Future Sound of London? London Grammar? The Gotan Project? So much! You?

        • Gospel Isosceles · March 20, 2017

          You know, I am really not too familiar with your choices, except I absolutely adored Fleetwood Mac’s album they released in the late 90s. The song ‘I’m So Afraid’ was my favorite, that killer Lindsay Buckingham guitar solo. I really felt it. If you are interested you can check out my post on my personal top musical choices. I like mostly post-romantic classical, jazz, and “world” but I’d say Blind Melon and Dave Matthews Band are two of my favorite bands. Oh, and of course Otis Redding…

          • TheFeatheredSleep · March 21, 2017

            I think we like the same music then as I love Fleetwood Mac. I will check it out! Good choices! I love Blind Melon.

        • Gospel Isosceles · March 20, 2017

          And I will be sure to check out these artists. Thank you!

  4. kaykuala h · March 7, 2017

    A nostalgic sad song will always be so touching on the memories. Amaya! (not certain whether I got onto the right blog of Amaya Eagleking . I’m responding to your comments to my blog)


    • Gospel Isosceles · March 16, 2017

      Hmm, not so sure you have the right person, as I am Amaya Engleking. (Though I have to admit, Eagleking would be cooler.) Anyway, thanks for stopping by and for your comment.

  5. saynotoclowns · December 2

    I have been pondering about the times of youth lately…I agree, there is so much now that seems like a dream.

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