Cosmic Orgasm

Painting by Blu Smith

My image of God is changing. It is becoming the cosmic orgasm, or the eternal eclipse, or the union of Christ and His Bride. But these are just glimpses and I write in devotion and love that this narrow glint of light will widen like the day. Marry the world to heaven. God, zoomed out looks like Tao to the empiricist, Zen to the drunk; and zooming in a bit we find the planets of Science and Religion; and penetrating these theories and laws we see Psychology; and looking into the atoms of this field we discover Pleasure and Pain and real feelings; and the light particles in these we read the poetry written on the soul of Jesus Christ. Poetry of course takes us to the yet unexplored beauty of all life and death. There are no more cycles in this new world. Winter follows spring, then we never return to the seasons.

I love him

Titillating, as glass beads drop

As plated wares

Falling lifetimes to the top

A patchwork of portraits

Bond wild grasses

All the while the time-tortoise

In abandon

Weaving in outlying wisps

Value the jewel:

Standard deviation again!

My mistake

So as not to be reduced to idol

And their worship

Giving me an undeserved title.

I am so much more.

©2011, Amaya Engleking



  1. Maria Gianna Iannucci · January 30, 2017

    This is profoundly beautiful…transcending all religions to the mystical…a divinized cosmos! Amazing…

    • Gospel Isosceles · January 31, 2017

      You are kind to say, and I have to say, coming from you, a visionary poet and a Catholic, I am most encouraged. Too often I am shot down by fellow brethren in Christ for my spirituality not being as grounded in scriptures as “it ought to be.” Prayer, or, my living relationship with the Trinity, is the foundation for my spirituality. Who is to say Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims prostrating a thousand miles to Lhasa don’t know Christ in their hearts? Not me, not any Christian. Anyway, I’m glad you saw what you did in this poem, Maria: there is but one faith in God, transcending all religions.

      • Maria Gianna Iannucci · January 31, 2017

        Have you read any of Teilhard de Chardin’s work? He was a Jesuit priest who wrote beautiful mystical and cosmic essays about Christ and the evolution of the Universe in love. People misunderstood him too. He was a poet.

  2. girllovelost · January 30, 2017

    Beautiful…so beautiful. A true testament of your soul. You are beautiful

  3. Doug · January 31, 2017

    I like the zooming in and zooming out: narrow points-of-view miss the beauty of the other and the wholeness. Within certain boundaries each is an approximation which seems to work for awhile while there are narrow tasks to do and only a scorpion or a butterfly to look at. At some point all the various organizing principles fail when extremes are reached.

    • Gospel Isosceles · January 31, 2017

      Yes, the spiritual journey is a wonder to behold. But we must not let our eyes freeze on one point; we must never get too comfortable. Thank you for your perspective, Doug. Stop by again any time:)

  4. Shattered in Him · February 1, 2017

    “…we read the poetry written on the soul of Jesus Christ.”


  5. Rita Sommers-Flanagan · February 7, 2017

    Hi. I’m a bit new to blogging, but we have similar visions and writing style. I have an older poem called “The Christian Orgasm” that I’ll put on my blog someday soon…thanks for leading the way!! Rita

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