Reminder From Angels

He is a living God, so we don’t need your laws of nutrition and insurance: Whatever we consume with a prayerful heart, we get what we need at that moment.  This is the gospel: that love is much more dynamic than your laws will let you know.  This prayer started a fire in our wood stove on this cold January morning.


Remember those people who were really angels that led you to believe?

That they were so plentiful, your world so colorful and deep, in your youth?

And then it all went away as your generation grew up and into importance.

It’s been more difficult with every passing year to find anyone given to the spirit,

Because you cannot see yourself.

And that you are for the world, what those beings were for you as a child.

Inspire yourself, you are a contemplative and you have many parts;

That in a human body you cannot satisfy them all at once: rest in this.

Remember the seasons and be present in each one.

Now we have one more moon of the deep frost,

Later it will all change, the body, the scenery, the vocation.

I should like to find a lifelong writer friend.  We can exchange letters,

Grow our ideas and love for humanity in our correspondence.

Instead of Sanskrit mantras, memorize and chant your own words:

The poems of your heart in which God lives.

Your child will be taught to revere everyday saints and holy acts,

Will put his hands together and give a slight sincere bow.

Observe the people, kiss them on the forehead when they ask for alms.

Draw their faces with colored pencils, make a friend or two.

Because God’s will is yours and it is done, speak with conviction and love.


呼吸 的 圣灵

表明 的 基督

©2014, Amaya Engleking



  1. Rob · January 3, 2017

    Mighty powerful musings from a mighty powerful heart! Kudos to you!

  2. contoveros · January 4, 2017

    I had a dream and then a moment while awake where I had what Carl G. Jung called an “imagining” or wakeful vision where I saw Socrates and he told me of a book he just finished called “Angels I have known and am knowing.” I saw my own angels upon awakening and I wrote the story in a Blog where I named the angels who had entered individuals in my life who seemed to guide me. Yes, I believe angels can use humans to help nudge their sworn-to-guide earthlings. I am who I decided to follow through the touch of angels in my life.

    Perhaps, you are another one whispering into my ears from the Miracle of GodSpeak via the Internet’s Blog! I say hello and welcome!

    Michael J, Philadelphia, PA

    • Gospel Isosceles · January 6, 2017

      Brother Michael that is a fine way to live, indeed! There have been periods where the angel activity and awareness is especially strong and then I tend to lament when I feel alone and unprotected. Of course that is just an illusion, but still, those times of heightened felt presence are treasures in themselves. Hey ho, Socrates got your back! You must be doing something right;)
      Much love,

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