Deep II (Meditation on the Psalms: II)

[This is a continuation from Deep I]

Poverty and sorrow my allocation

I became a proverb unto the nation

Adorned in sackcloth, I am set afar off

From those who care not for salvation

But you know I am neither deaf nor dumb

Having been my trust and all life’s sum

Forsake me not, give strength to this lot,

Your power to everyone that is to come

For when we are troubled our tongues grow cold

Let us commune as our hearts unfold

Revealing your church through diligent search

I will remember your wonders of old

In the desert our faces grew ashen

Unsatisfied with our bitter ration

Provoking by unbelief, we drove you to grief

But you forgave us, by your compassion

For we are but wind that passes away

Our dusty faces are filled with shame

We need your might to come into sight

And that we seek, O Lord, your timbred name

Let our search be our right and song:

Your testimonies are never wrong

In their surety, we taste your purity

Forever with you shall we go along

Behaving wisely in a perfect way

So you may turn to us and say,

“A perfect heart, it shall be my art!

A covenant I promised from the first day.

A thousand generations have heard

But only one hearkened unto the word

My humbled one, my precious son

Whom at once heaven and earth entered.”

The truth of the Lord forever endures

Reigning supreme over what man conjures

We shall all amaze him when we stand and praise him

Freed by his name from wicked lures:

When my heart was for peace, but my tongue for war

When estranged from you and love, forlorn

My soul has been iced, waiting for Christ

More than they that watch for the morn

In the midst of frozen January

I lift up my hands in the sanctuary

You revealed your good name, I declare with no shame,

“Bless you Jesus, thank you Mary.”

In your love my soul is unbound

The righteous shall compass me round.

Now with me, you deal bountifully

Lest my life be smitten to the ground

My spirit overwhelmed within me

The eyes of all wait upon thee

Who gives each one his meat, when prepared to eat:

Bare hearts call you in raw honesty.

© 2013, Amaya Engleking 



  1. Shattered in Him · December 3, 2016

    I always feel as if we would have some seriously deep conversations if we were to ever hang out! Wow!

    • Gospel Isosceles · December 5, 2016

      Without a doubt. I extend an invitation to you and your family if you ever want a little vacation to Colorado. Would love to have good deep talks with you, JD!

  2. Elizabeth · December 4, 2016

    It’s gratifying to find your serious faith exploration in verse.

    • Gospel Isosceles · December 5, 2016

      For me, writing in verse is the best way to express my relationship with God, to let it unfold. Thanks for reading.

  3. Shattered in Him · December 5, 2016

    I nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award: (third one down)

  4. Rob · December 9, 2016

    I don’t know if my comments went through on part 1 but these pieces are constructs of a fabulous mind. They beg introspection and wonder. Well done!

    • Gospel Isosceles · December 9, 2016

      Thank you, Rob, but I believe the fabulous mind we’re dealing with is the author of the Psalms, by which this meditation series was highly influenced.

  5. dustinsteps · December 22, 2016

    Beautiful and insightful!

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