Gilt Indigo Lips

Painting by Jarek “Khaal” Kubicki

What happens when you see no end
To the blues and faraway song, your only friend
And there’s no sheep in your flock to tend
And you try to play but it hurts to pretend
Ain’t nothin fallin down to amend
Cuz you’ve made yourself able to bend
All the way to the ground
Because it’s all turned all around
You think down is up and up, a playground
Where lost children go to be found
By open arms and lips that make not a sound
But the kisses that say, ‘how bout another round?’
Washing away the stains of the Harlequin
While their satin fingers brush your bruised skin
Reviving all island dreams that have frozen
Along the way, and flowing through you
Knowing they always continue
But only if you will them to.
So blessed, able to sing their names
Once kissed, it is this face that frames
Your life, and death, and back again
And it is glory to see no end?

© 2011, Amaya Engleking


One comment

  1. domainofshane23 · November 3, 2016

    Very well written, as always

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