Beautiful Creation


This creation is what C.S. Lewis meant with the new Christian:  The Atman.  The quiet yet radiant, the contemplative yet lively.  The paradox.  The corporeal enigma.  The truth.

Prayer, you wonderful child.  Oh, how I never imagined you to be so beautiful!  You see what we can make together, as neither of us can go alone.  This is the perfect story.  The greatest one ever told and we shall go on to serve it.  To retell it in manifold ways and our gift shall be the sincere smiles from strangers, the moments of grateful tears, the songs we can never forget because they are vibrating our soul, the clouds in the sky from our dreams and drawings.  But how do we share this one moment?  This one: we are crying gladly and suddenly realize it has become a holy laughter.  Should another see us in our prayer, he would see a laughter so bright that he would be blinded not to join.

© 2011, Amaya Engleking


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