Metamorphosis of Narcissus‘ by Salvador Dali

What’s maddening about waiting is that it takes you further away from that for which you are waiting, and when you get too far, you lose vision as the world rolls off the horizon!  ‘Lose yourself,’ goes a voice; ‘Find yourself,’ goes another.  Their meaning is the same but those they address are not.  You’re not the only ‘you.’  Space noise.  Peculiar that this great design wasn’t made with an ‘OFF’ button.

He tells us not to cry

Knowing we are sure to misbehave

From sticky cat fur to chaste Eden trees

Pure laughter pours from the grave

And down our cheeks to live and die,

Needing only a whisper of ‘Why?’

As his mystery’s alibi

To perpetuate his beloved pi,

To reveal his modus operandi, and rain down his reply

By recollecting all of his opi

And drop them again from the sky


At once they wonder, ‘Why?’…


© 2011, Amaya Engleking




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