Thaw (Meditation on the Psalms: III)


It began as a trickle.

A revelation.  Words were dripping.

My soul thawed and I knew God.

Beheld wondrous things of the law,

I knelt in awe.

My heaviness had pressed inward on itself, melting for strength and sanctification.  Affliction was for learning the truth and to learn is to be: I am love, my gold and silver.  I believe in resurrection because it happened to me too, and my mouth is alive to answer you.  l turn my eyes from beholding vanities because I have your consideration, and I am quickened as the glacial waters flowing with great peace, loving you.  We shall go back to the fertile valley of Psalms, where I first knew the earth.  Life ends and begins with celebration.

© 2013, Amaya Engleking



  1. seekthesacred · December 30, 2016

    Thank you for the beauty of your images and the vulnerable truthful reflections. Resurrection life begins now. Sometimes I wonder if there has been a huge misinterpretation of the word afterlife. Its about life after salvation, about wholeness after the soul is stitched back together from the tatters. We beocme more glorious and awesome than we could begin ot imagine or hope for.

    • Gospel Isosceles · February 8, 2017

      So you know too, Sister! We are supposed to let shine at least a glimpse of the heavenly light that is the very stitching of our tattered souls, as you put it. There is little that is more inspiring to me than living by Kingdom principles now, here on earth, in this ‘life’; and letting the freedom they give infiltrate the hardened, bound-by-chains-of-its-own-making world. Thank you, and sorry for the late response.

  2. Gospel Isosceles · 22 Days Ago

    Ben says: dang sis, that is really beautiful! Such an abstract structure which draws attention backward and forward at the same time. This is master-class if you ask me

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