Prayer Piedra

Praying in Tayrona, Colombia

To sacrifice smarts for wisdom

Simplicity the gift, the dream of the ages

All these lines evolve into something greater than themselves

Greatness intrinsic to the word-seeds

If you could love a perfect prophet then you know love

Utopian for beginners: how amusing watching intelligence discover poetry!

Seeing –and feeling—the world come finally alive

Leaving its jargon to the noise of the womb,

Theories for afterbirth

What is the difference between a poem and a thought?

(This is neither, but a question.)

And to go searching online is to open Pandora’s jar

Of flies and I know why the sons and daughters of God

Went mad

Were crucified

Or haven’t been born;

There will come a nostalgic moment when things are good and warm

But I’ll gently miss the deep winter when the silent conversations with my Lord

Were my only currency;

In which I will always have trusted.


©Amaya Engleking, 2012



  1. domainofshane23 · August 2, 2016

    Extremely poetic and well versed – I like how it ends up being about how God is all we really need. I also really like The line “utopian for beginners”

    • Gospel Isosceles · August 3, 2016

      I love how you summarize the poem so simply: God is all we need.

      Thank you.

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