Art: Michael Copeland

Hey you over there it’s my birthday come have a beer don’t mind the Doberman, name’s Prince, and I’m RD and that’s Paula, Tom, and Chris, was best man in my wedding. –It’s my birthday tomorrow,– that’s when Geronimo died. He’s my people. –So you’re his seed still running around.– You’re sexy, I like your hair. Don’t see that except on TV. Yeah, RD, tell her how that song goes. Anaawakoto matabalula laPeople look at my nose and always wanna draw my nose. –I like your Apache hair.– You know what this hair’s called, bald! –You were in his wedding? I’m getting married in September.– Cheers, tintinabulum of Mexican bottles. –Any marital advice?– Been divorced three times, got none. –You?– Don’t marry him, marry me. –Baldo?– Yeah, whenever you argue in the evening… Resolve it before you go to bed? Bingo! That shit don’t need to be carried on into a new day. I had two sons, one’s been in five movies and the other’s in Houston, hard worker like his daddy was. –Who’s his daddy?– Bahaaha, heya ho zhaoni… –What do you do?– Rock and roll. Drums, and Tom’s on harmonica and sings. –Blues?– Yeah, don’t he look like Stevie Wonder? ‘Cept he’s white? –With those sunglasses I guess.– You just wait. Yeah, till an hour or two. Once it’s dark, I go black! Bahahaha. –Whoa, you laugh good, I want to laugh like that.– You made me laugh! I want to take you out for a ride on my Harley. –I’m sure you can find many pretty chicks to ride on your Harley, but I’m not into that.– What’re you into? –The simple life, going where you don’t ever see riding the fast lane. But you’ll always find people looking for a good time.– Good answer. Have a good time. Happy birthday and God bless you, sunset sister.

© 2013, Amaya Engleking



  1. Saturated In Seattle · July 13, 2016

    Ahhh a scene I feel I’m listening in on while at a bar– good folk–friendly, trying to find their own way, not imposing theirs. Wish more of the world was filled with this ease of conversation and acceptance— and “Sunset Girl”!!!! I love that!!!!

    • Gospel Isosceles · July 13, 2016

      I thought you might like this one as you liked the one where I found myself waiting for a bus in an Oakland park with ‘Food Not Bombs’ guys, Freedom Riders, and prostitutes. You’re right. This was a happy little moment on a hot February evening in southern New Mexico. And revisiting it makes me want to travel again and make more sweet memories of mixing with beautiful people. Maybe up to Seattle!

  2. Saturated In Seattle · July 13, 2016

    Oops!!! “Sunset sister”

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