Acrostic of a False God



Idolization of





What you call ‘the gene pool’ and I call ‘humankind’ needs is not an ever increasingly fit, sterile, disease-free population heading toward the asymptote of ‘Übermenschen’ perfection; but brotherly love.

If your brother’s kid were to die from a possibly preventable case of whatever, you wouldn’t offer the smug condolence of, “I-told-you-so-you-effin-murderer.”  So why this inhumane reaction to others?  At least weekly I see facebook debates about vaccination and when a child dies, despite what must be overwhelming grief for the family and that the parents possibly have other children to raise, these suddenly empowered and seemingly happy advocates for mandatory modern medicine think that these negligent parents ought to be charged with manslaughter.  These are the same people who say they’re all for creating a diverse world.  “Discrimination is wrong.”  But hey, that guy who’s handicapped chooses not to immunize his kids.  Now do you still want his ‘diverse’ presence in the workplace?  His kids in school with yours?  His daughter falling in love with and marrying your son?

You think you are doing the selfless, noble thing by vaccinating your babies, thereby contributing to ‘herd immunity.’  Your god tells you this.  There are others who are also doing the selfless, noble thing by praying for you and for your family.  They respect your choice, you think theirs is bullshit.  Who demonstrates selfless love for their neighbor?

You still want to define people by who you think they are on the outside, saying, “Bring it on.  Color my world.”  Yet when you learn their convictions, that some are awakened to their souls, that some do not worship your god; you begin to recant at the slightest feeling of discomfort, seeing who these ‘colorful’ people really are. “I asked for diversity, not delusion!”  Poor you.  You feel your health threatened.  Now I’m not a smart guy but I can say with certainty simply by looking around that bodies decay.  We grow old and die.   Can you really be putting all of your faith into your physical well-being?  If so, then there’s a spiritual reason these “crazies” have come into your life—injected much like your trusty inoculations to keep disease, or as they used to say in the good ol’ days, evil, away—and that is to challenge you, what every spirit requires to grow.

This is not the current best guess but, my friends, I have penetrated the asymptote!  Poetry!  Gospel!  It heals our hurts and animosities, our hearts and antitheses: it lets me take on your pain even when you made a poor choice, it lets you experience my joy even when I don’t know the source.  We are made better people (and it has nothing to do with ‘fitness’ or first-world standards.)  I love you!

© 2016, Amaya Engleking



  1. Saturated In Seattle · May 6, 2016

    “I asked for diversity, not delusion”. I love this line! Here’s to living life with our eyes wide-open, in truth, and loving one another as we are, where we are.

  2. Cheryl Ruffing · May 6, 2016

    Bravo! You forthrightly said just about everything that goes through my mind on a daily basis (but I don’t always have the guts to voice). Of all the false gods out there, science might be the most dangerous, because its disciples are so smug and self-congratulatory, they lack the the awareness to even realize they have created a religion.

    • Gospel Isosceles · May 7, 2016

      Thank you for your comment, Cheryl. And you’re right. This post wasn’t an easy one to write, no not write, I should say it wasn’t an easy one to hit ‘Publish’ and put it out there because exactly what you said about the disciples of science and their vehement terrorism. I don’t want to be pro- or anti- anything except a lover of souls, and sometimes, often actually, love doesn’t look like what we think it should. Gentle yes, but always firm and convicting.

  3. ANDREA · May 13, 2016

    “Can you really be putting all of your faith into your physical well-being?” I love this line… It is something people should really think about. Nice choice and mix of words! 😀

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