When Shadows Melt

As long as there is but one suffering among you, do not go into the garden.  Lest you will know his agony as your own and it will have conquered you.  We are not an advanced civilization if we are still seeing school shootings and abandoned families, need I mention war and parades for war?  Even just one case of any of these atrocities indicates that we as a people have soul work to do.  Let’s come out of our self-designed tenebrae and see ‘economic development’ for what it really is: euphemism for ‘greed’.

Everyone was in his proper place,

The hedonist on the slopes,

The proud upon their hearths

The saints out on the streets

When the world ended, its perfect pied way

All eyes melted from thousands of sockets

Then we were able to see our strange design

Embossed like a footprint in a thousand sands

An angel once outstretched in a thousand snows

Our mouths freed from disintegrated lips,

We can laugh at the calculus of the playful curves.


© 2013, Amaya Engleking



  1. Melinda Kucsera · May 4, 2016

    I really like the last six lines. They are very powerful and the liberation they describe is intense.

  2. shanicehagins · May 13, 2016


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