They Call Me Mr. Pitiful


Art: “Otis Redding” by mercedes

They call me Mr. Pitiful cuz I forget I’m just a pretty girl and my baby won’t stop flappin’ his dragonfly wings but I don’t mind what he does when he sings and we’re sippin’ eggnog and Irish mist and Christ our souls have just been kissed. “All that drink she ought to avoid!” I do, psst-pssters, when I am unemployed but it’s been a hard day of watchin’ paint dry and I’ve earned this happy hour with my guy so we’ll keep up this noggy nine-o’clock jig and from the Saint Doggy tree we’ll pick a fig and freed from guilt we’ll eat good fruit speak our first language and chew our root climb the trunk so straight and stoic but blossom its branches loyal and heroic and do it all from this country dollhouse room you have my word wonder woe and womb where you can be safe from the ledger-lined world warm moist angelic and pearled living out your own biblical truth “Jazz or DIE!” that some find uncouth but be born if that’s what’s whispered in your ear kick that Caddy Eldorado into gear but you won’t get an invitation in the mail just hear the song and lift back the veil to see the buttered land and slippery ocean swirls like cream in the cup of devotion.

© 2012, Amaya Engleking




  1. Saturated In Seattle · April 1, 2016

    Your gift of imagery is off-the-hook!!!! I Love this!

  2. turhonmcdowell · April 8, 2016

    great taste. otis is amazing and so are you

    • gospelisosceles · April 10, 2016

      Thank you. I’ve been enjoying your poetry too. Here’s something you may appreciate: at our wedding our ‘first dance’ song was to Otis’ “Tramp.”

      • turhonmcdowell · April 20, 2016

        thanks for sharing!!!

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